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Police Field Guide

Long steeped in corruption, the Dead End Police Department (DEPD) has become home to officers involved in bribery to more serious offenses such as drug-trafficking, rape, and murder.  From politicians to business owners, cops quickly learn to weave trust and favors to prevent cases from turning cold and reap the benefits that flow through the underbelly of Dead End. Navigate: Charter The Basics Weapons Vehicle Ranks, Roles & Responsibilities Special Duties & Designations Promotions Systems Roster Bad Cop vs Good Cop Radio Dispatch Writing Report (Arrest / Incident) Writing Citation Issue APB Warrants Case Assignment & Investigations Police Records Payment Collection (Bail / Citation Fines) Task Force Medals Application Process Onboarding & Training Communication Conducting Arrests Charter The police department is at the heart of the criminal role-play in Dead End. Since many policing role-play features such as Citations, Arrests, and Cases are designed to award roles to the general population, it’s important to understand the following charter: Police players are responsible for exemplary role-play etiquette, a positive attitude with both new and existing players, and maintaining inclusive stories. Every function and feature is designed to encourage player-to-player scenes and weave stories – it is not about simply leveling ranks, following complex hierarchies, and mundane training requirements. The department is a brotherhood. To survive the ruthless streets of Dead End, every cop watches each other’s back, they turn a blind eye to corrupt acts within the force, and no relationship with the civilian population is greater than the safety of […]

Nadir Taov November 21, 2015 January 3, 2016 guide, police, roleplay
Abby’s Diary #002

2014/04/26 Day 1 – afternoon “Lost and found” […] Abigel has been reading the poster over and over again. In truth she did not see the letters, just struggled to keep the tears dropping from her eyes, blinking repeatedly. […] She stands and stares inside the pizza place, her head swaying from hunger. She looks at the people that come and go with the delicious slices of heaven and swallows hard. […] She keeps staring at the pizzas through the window, her last 5 dollar bill getting crumpled in her hand as she holds it tightly, tears gathering in her eyes as she rocks back and forth. Maynard Selby (allacarrd) only took passing notice of the woman staring into Pizza Slut. There was a time when he would have gone over, being for all purposes a rather nice boyscout-sort. But the time in the city had made him develop a sort of callousness… not yet outwardly malicious for no reason. He was just no longer interested. He’d continue on to the station. The girl wipes her eyes with an absent move. Her head swaying from hunger she finally enters the pizza place, softly talking to the server. She brightens up and gets to keep her money, walking outside with a free pizza in her hand and a wide grin on her face. The pizza lasts for five seconds and she exhales slowly as she looks around, wondering how to start the search for her grandfather. — Abigel steps on the […]

Abigel Nightfire June 17, 2014 June 18, 2014 Azreal Venom, Diary, Vie
Abby’s Story

(Abby’s story in DE summed up briefly. For details see the Diary docs. )   April 26 Day 1 She arrived to Deadend on a bus, getting off at the wrong stop. She was molested by one of the fellow travellers and she hurriedly got off at a random station. However she forgot to grab her backpack, having lost all her papers, most of her money and personal belongings. She found a police station and reported the lost backpack, and that she did not have papers while still hanging around in town. In the Pizza Slut some npc gave her free pizza, and in the bookstore Vie gave her a map and some temporary supplies.

Abigel Nightfire June 17, 2014 June 18, 2014 Diary
Notice to Dismiss , wihthout prejudice .

Notice to Dismiss  and Vacate charges without prejudice We are asking for an Immediate  dismissal of  all charges, based on the fact that Judge  Gale  should have recused herself from this matter,  as the charges are listened… the judge is a victim or a key witness…  .  The  charges may be filed  at a later   time as this  request is made without prejudice , the arrest report is attached X Ren  Greggan Council  for  Mr Masala X_Judge Judy Honorable  Judge

ŗєη March 27, 2014 March 27, 2014
There Will Be Blood (Part 2)

[06:14] Dion Lambert (bedlamb.dionysus): (Saved Fri Mar 21 23:33:03 2014) would return several hours later with another tray of food and after. seeing what she had done he would smile at her. sliding the tray into her cell, ‘eat u and I will be back to bring you to a place to cook up what you butchered for me…’ he would stroke her cheek tenderly and lightly press his lips to hers before departing. after filling her the time she needs to eat he would return. bringing with him containers for the butchered meat. collecting it all up, asking her to help him, he would then leash her and take her to the kitchen he had showed her when he brought her below. Once there he would give her the injections once more, again stroking her shaft as he inserted the needles at the base of her shaft where it met with her balls. after the injections he would coach her on how best to prepare the meat she hand carved up for him. the bulk of the corpse left back in her cell so if she had the urge she had something she could fuck. [06:54] Raven Panthar (rene.sabetha) had been kneeling by the cage bars when Master had returned, feeling pleasure at his smile, she turns and looks at the tray of fresh food and drink her stomach grumbling seeing it. Raven listens to Dion as he tells her to eat and that he would be back to […]

Rene Sabetha March 22, 2014 March 22, 2014
There Will Be Blood

Raven Panthar set aside the fresh bowls of gruel and water provided to her by Master, it was the special item that he had brought her which really took her attention away. Looking up at Dion she could tell Master was pleased, What was the start of the evening a weak and vulnerable teetering on insanity she-male, crossover to something scary something so opposite of Raven that it would simply terrify those who loved her. All her thoughts all the desires seemed centered on pleasing Master, and accepting the word of Belial as gospel. The skittles affects still engaging amplifying her emotions a desire of Lust growing as she holds the tool, a growing sense of insecurity that she must do all this because she wants to be loved and shine in her Master’s eyes, and the laziness to not want to fight an ounce of the wrong that somewhere inside her knows this is all wrong. All her friends, all the events which led up to her searching for answers…. Shards of memories came back to Raven as her arm raised and came down hard, the day she stepped off the bus into Dead End. Blood spattering back into her face, Meeting Dee on the street, she was such a street punk, with all her piercings and boyish style of dress, quite the contrast to her clothing of school girlish style, yet they hit it off like peas in a pod. Raven’s arm raises again with weapon in hand. […]

Rene Sabetha March 21, 2014 March 21, 2014
Winter sermon 2014

“There was a time… a simple time when all of mankind rejoiced and embraced their instincts… their urges… their primal nature… this was how our lives was meant to be… until that future was stolen from us…” “Come back with me to that time… a time when we had no… artificial constraints on us… a time when we roamed free and naked to the world, exploring ourselves and each other.  It was the one time where all of mankind was truly happy… at peace… in perpetual bliss.” “ The strong took from all around them as they saw fit… they took what they wanted… what they desired… and the weak… knew their place… and accepted it with joy in their hearts…” “This is how it was meant to be… truly free to be the person our soul where made to be… free liberated… “ “This all changed… as you can surely see…” “One day a serpent entered this garden of pleasures… this magical place..” “ It sought out the weakest amongst them and whispered into their ear.    It told them that they were living  a lie… it told the weak of this new thing… that is called.. sin… over time it explained and taught the weak that what they did  was wrong… that it was evil….. and in time the weakest amongst them believed it…” “This Lie spread.. it infected the garden.. others saw it as a way to control the weak… some fought it… but the weak bent too […]

Bedlam February 16, 2014 February 16, 2014 AB
Jade Dragon Menu

Not all products avalible every day. Menu is subject to Local Market. all products are made fesh daily from local market Wensday Special All you can eat sushi off a naked woman GENERAL APPETIZERS AND SOUP: Choice of: hot sauce, cocktail sauce or range. AS01 Egg Roll $ 1.25 AS02 Shrimp Roll $ 1.50 AS03 Spring Roll $ 1.40 AS04 Hot & Sour Soup $ 2.20 AS05 Wonton Soup $ 2.20 AS06 Chicken Egg Drop Soup $ 2.00 AS07 Chinese Vegetable Soup $ 2.10 AS08 Chicken Rice Soup $ 2.00 AS09 Chicken Noodle Soup $ 2.00 AS10 Crab Rangoon (7pcs) $ 4.00 AS11 Chicken Wing Dings $ 4.49 FRIED RICE: Chicken, ham, roast pork and shrimp FR01 White Rice $ 2.25 FR02 Plain Fried Rice $ 5.00 FR03 Ham Fried Rice $ 7.25 FR04 Roast Pork Fried Rice $ 6.95 FR05 Chiken Fried Rice $ 6.95 FR06 Beef Fried Rice $ 7.50 FR07 Shrimp Fried Rice $ 7.50 FR08 Vegitable Fried Rice $ 7.25 SIDE ORDER: SO01 Fried Noodle $ 1.25 SO02 Almond cookies (5) $ 1.00 SO03 Fourtune Cookies (8) $ 1.00 CHEFS SPECIAL DISHES: with white rice CD01 General Tso’s Chiken $ 9.25 Marinated chunk chicken, deep fried and sautéed with chefs special hot pepper garlic flavored tangy brown sauce CD02 Sesame Chicken $ 9.25 Breaded chicken nuggets stir fried in a spicy seasoning then sprinkled with sesame seeds. CD03 Sesame Beef $ 9.25 Breaded chicken nuggets stir fried with sliced green peppers, onions and carrots in a […]

Bedlam January 12, 2014 February 2, 2014 JD
Cody Fulcher-Resitution

Malicious Destruction of Property of Hedonist Casino Owner/Plaintiff- Sasha Lionheart Defendant -Cody Fulcher (ctrough) 8,458 in damages Restitution/fines total of- 18,458 Charges filed ,Felony-first offence No further charges will be filed if Defendant [Cody Fulcher] pays the restitution and fines filed with the DE Judicial system and the DEPD *Court dates on hold in response with the Defendant [Cody Fulcher] if paid in full no further action needed by the date indicated [12/27/13] DA Pagan Newport-Yheng List of damages- -computer -security monitoring system and console. -12 DVDs and tape cassettes -replacement of carpet burned -lock

pagan-ghostraven December 16, 2013 December 16, 2013
Restraining order

State of Dead End, DE District Courts RESTRAINING ORDER (Order of Protection) Harassment PETITIONER/PROTECTED PERSON Name of Protected Person: Niimura, Kyo Date of Birth of Protected Person: 02/16 -VS- RESPONDENT/DEFENDANT Name of Defendant: Blackheart, Lidia Sex: I F Race: Hispanic American DOB: 06/07 HT/WT: 5’2” 130lbs Hair Color: Red Eye Color: Green Defendant’s Distinguishing Features: (scars, marks, tattoos) Tattoos, Scars on stomach, face, thigh, skin grafting on stomach Protected Person’s Relationship(s) with Defendant: Customer CAUTION: Defendant has access to weapon(s). Type/Location: Knife on Thigh, Ring with Poison Weapon(s) were involved in an incident (past or present) involving protected person. THE COURT FINDS: There are reasonable grounds to believe that the respondent has engaged in harassment with intent to harass or intimidate the petitioner as defined. THE COURT ORDERS: The Respondent avoid contact that harasses or intimidates the petitioner. Contact Includes: contact at petitioner’s home, work, school, public places, in person, by phone, in writing, by electric communication or device, or in any other manner. (Harassment is defined as: (a) Striking, shoving, kicking, or otherwise subjecting the person to physical contact; or (b) Sexual assault; or (c) Stalking, or attempts or threatens to do the same; or (d) Engages in a course of conduct or repeatedly commits acts which harass or intimidate the person and which serve no legitimate purpose.) THIS RESTRAINING ORDER IS EFFECTIVE INDEFINITELY. NOTIFICATIONS/WARNINGS TO DEFENDANT: This order shall be enforced, even without registration, and is entitled to full faith and credit in any civil or criminal court […]

pagan-ghostraven November 28, 2013 November 28, 2013 restraining order
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