Cody Fulcher-Resitution

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Malicious Destruction of Property of Hedonist Casino
Owner/Plaintiff- Sasha Lionheart
Defendant -Cody Fulcher (ctrough)
8,458 in damages
Restitution/fines total of- 18,458
Charges filed ,Felony-first offence

No further charges will be filed if Defendant [Cody Fulcher] pays the restitution and fines filed with the DE Judicial system and the DEPD
*Court dates on hold in response with the Defendant [Cody Fulcher] if paid in full no further action needed by the date indicated [12/27/13]

DA Pagan Newport-Yheng

List of damages-

-security monitoring system and console.
-12 DVDs and tape cassettes
-replacement of carpet burned

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