Faction Guidelines

Some of our best run and long-standing groups are those that have been proposed and managed by community members. We love hearing new ideas and offering opportunities for members to propose groups.


  • Founder must be a registered member of the community
  • Founder must have over a month’s reputation of being a regular and oustanding member in the community
  • Founder must be willing to maintain regular presence on the sims, website, and attend in-world meetings with staff
  • Founder must be a team player and respect both staff and fellow players at all times

Faction Types

  • Crew – This is the general term for a small group with a common goal that engage in criminal activity. This is what ALL groups/factions will be starting out as when approved and when they grow in IC activity, they will progress to the later stages and be able to attain their full status in DE, whether that be as a gang, crime family or anything else that is approved.
  • Gang – A criminal group of like-minded individuals who follow “street code”. They aren’t the most organized of groups and while they bring in money, they aren’t as business savvy as others. They are usually more prone to random violence and havoc. We ask that no real-life gang names be used (spin-offs are fine).
  • Syndicate/Crime Family – This is the DE version of organized individuals operating as a single network or group and/or criminal organizations running common illegal businesses. We don’t like to use “mafia’ since they usually allude to broad/famous and well-funded organizations. What exists in DE are smaller sects with none of those cushy connections. This city is still falling apart even as they strive for improvement. We ask that leaders do not use real-life crime family names for their groups. Any affiliations with those bigger names should be “loose”. This means no straight Yakuza, Bratva, etc.
  • Cult – Every cult that has appeared in DE has had a very dark and thus illegal element to it so they now will co-exist with the other factions even if you choose to not go down that dark alley. Cults usually share the bond of shared and extreme beliefs, rituals, philosophies etc. There is always an element of brainwashing. Be creative. We prefer original cult ideas. Cults will finally have the ability to attain turf if they get through the stages
  • MCs/Biker Gangs – Yes, they are allowed. No they won’t get special vehicle privileges. That being said, every biker gang that has based their RP around their bikes… has failed. Do your research and be sure to not get too hung up on making it realistic or about a physical bike.

Faction Stages

We maintain a crucial balance between criminal and law enforcement activity on the streets of Dead End City. To continue allowing fresh ideas into the community, we have established three stages in which a faction can grow into. Before proposing, please understand each stage:

  • Stage 1: All newly accepted groups will begin with 3 active members and 1 leader. You will not be assigned turf. You can not wear your group tag. The group is for faction member communication purposes only and only the allowed number of official members and recruits should be in the group. This allows us to easily monitor and determine that, as a leader, you can follow and enforce rules. You will be allowed no more than 3 recruits/affiliates. Your focus is to seed good stories and raise awareness of your group’s presence on the streets.
  • Stage 2: You will be allowed 1 leader and 6 members (totalling 7) and you will be allowed no more than 3 recruits/affiliates. You can now add others aside from official members and affiliates/recruits to your group, but make sure they are not assigned any roles to avoid confusion.
  • Stage 3: There is only room for 5 factions in this stage. You are no longer held back by maximums. We do ask that you manage wisely. If we see you with 15 members and most aren’t active then we will place a max restriction on you. You will be assigned a turf and will have to continue supporting the community by fostering great and inclusive stories. Stage 3 factions will have the ability to involve their factions with arms dealing, but must first get approval by Stu Canning. You will be featured on our website and in the OOC area. Remember, lack of activity, especially by the leader, will risk dropping a stage or being disbanded completely. We expect at least 6 active members at all times.
  • More details shared once approved.

Review Process

When a proposal is submitted, it enters the first phase of the review process which involves an admin running a background check on the founder’s prerequisites and making sure the proposal makes sense for the community. When an admin deems it appropriate, the proposal will then be submitted to the community via the Group Proposal subforum. After a few days of discussion, which requires the founder to answer/comment on community feedback, an admin will either approve or reject the faction proposal.

Approved Proposals

When a group proposal has been approved, founders can expect the following:

  • IM from an admin indicating that the proposal has been successfully approved and an appropriate group name
  • Founders may create the group with the name assigned by the admin and must invite Deadend Monitor with the owner role.
  • Founder will be invited to the “RP Leaders” group on the website where you will have access to special guides and tips to manage your group.
  • Founder will be able to access one of the many hidden safes around the sim to load and manage their faction roster; the higher the stage you achieve, the higher the number of active members you will be able to add on the roster to count towards your factions’ presence on the sim (aggregate of street cred amongst your active members – keep only the active people on your roster to maintain the highest possible reputation)

Propose a Faction