Downtown Living in Second Life

Make a home for your character! Priced as low as a cup of coffee per week, you can rent one of our artisan residences and enjoy:

  • Actual home for use in stories and private scenes
  • Furnish and personalize your space
  • Lockable doors
  • Estate security monitoring for griefers
  • Set home location (CTRL+H)

Available homes may be rented by visiting in-world and paying the For Rent sign. Pricing is based on location and prim allowance:

Residence Region Price Prims Visit

Check Land Availablity

Need more prims, space, and privacy?

Vehicle Permit

We offer a limited number of vehicle permits that allow you and your character to enjoy:

  • Rezzing and driving an in-theme vehicle of your choice
  • Leave your vehicle out and parked even when offline
  • Special DEPD and Fire themed SUV and Interceptor available

Visit the DMV near the parking garage to rent an available permit.