Abby’s Diary #002

Abby’s Diary #002


Day 1 – afternoon “Lost and found”


Abigel has been reading the poster over and over again. In truth she did not see the letters, just struggled to keep the tears dropping from her eyes, blinking repeatedly.


She stands and stares inside the pizza place, her head swaying from hunger. She looks at the people that come and go with the delicious slices of heaven and swallows hard.


She keeps staring at the pizzas through the window, her last 5 dollar bill getting crumpled in her hand as she holds it tightly, tears gathering in her eyes as she rocks back and forth.

Maynard Selby (allacarrd) only took passing notice of the woman staring into Pizza Slut. There was a time when he would have gone over, being for all purposes a rather nice boyscout-sort. But the time in the city had made him develop a sort of callousness… not yet outwardly malicious for no reason. He was just no longer interested. He’d continue on to the station.

The girl wipes her eyes with an absent move. Her head swaying from hunger she finally enters the pizza place, softly talking to the server. She brightens up and gets to keep her money, walking outside with a free pizza in her hand and a wide grin on her face. The pizza lasts for five seconds and she exhales slowly as she looks around, wondering how to start the search for her grandfather.

Abigel steps on the street, munching on a bar of chocolate. Backpack on shoulder, map in hand she checks the name of the street and studies the map, turning it around and around again, biting her lip.

Azreal smiled to himself standing there andthought for a moment of just heading back to his home, the night was borring and he was having trouble focusing like normal on his meds.

Abigel crosses the street and looks at the map again with a frown. She turns it upside down and widens her eyes, “Uhh…hmmm.”

Azreal looks up and sees Abigel and cocks his head to the side smiling at her while he stepped closer to her and said. “Hiya, you need help?”

Abigel looks up, rather surprised and takes a small step back, looking the guy over as she swallows the bite of choclate. She smiles faintly, though her eyes seem swollen a bit from crying. “This is such a nice town…” she mutters absently. “Hi… actually yes… I am trying to find where we are on the map…” she offers the map to him and tilts her head, watching him curiously.

Azreal took the map into his hands as she offered it to him then looking from it around him he smiled as he turned a slow circlke. Hie yes caught sight of the woman across the strreet and his head canted to the side. He shook his head then and turned back to the girl offering the map back saying, “Your next to the quickie mart, near the theater here.”His hand pointed out towards the map and locating their position easily.

Abigel smiles wider and nods as she follows his moves, studying the map in detail. “Ah, it makes sense now. Thank you.” she stares at the map and keeps quiet trying to figure out her next moves. “Now I just need to find the trailer park…” her voice falters, totally at loss, but tries to look confident.

Azreal just blinks at the girl and then sighs softly to himself closing his eyes thinking it would be so easy. His arm snapped up pointing west towards the quickie mart and says. “That way, now run before you regret it..” He kept his eyes closed praying silently to himself that she would move fast before he decided to ‘help’ her.

Abigel smiles brightly and just starts to speak without taking a break, enthusiastically “Aww, you are are way cool. The whole town is way cool. I have lost my backpack you know….I was walking around with five dollars in my pocket. But then.. everybody helped. The guy at the pizza place gave me free pizzza, the girl in the bookstore gave me this map, and an extra backpack even!” she finally inhales and looks him over, shaking her head “And now you… I knew my granddad lives in a cool place, but this was…beyond expectations” she smiles then his words reach her mind and laughs a bit. Why would she run?

Azreal Venom twitched and just shook his head letting out a low moan and just turned on his heel, it wasn’t even a full day he needed to get away from her before things happened. He swallowed and lifted a hand as he walked away eyes still closed and trying not to let the visions of the girl laid out naked before him run rampent through his head.

Abigel smiles and heads to the direction he pointed.

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