Remember, we’re all here to improve, learn, and encourage each other to do the same.

This page is part of a series of short guides explaining various topics of role-play. Members and visitors in the community are encouraged to pass this to players who could benefit.

Emoting is a basic concept that is required to be followed. It enables you to combine both voice and action of your character in a single post, allowing other players a fair chance to respond. As you emote over time, you will allow yourself to become more creative by focusing on how fast you can react/type, utilizing new vocabulary, and much more.

Always Emote

Every response should be emoted. This means to use the /me prefix at the beginning of your post. It’s a standard command built into the viewer that the community uses to respond and indicate when in-character.

Here’s a bad example – the user is not emoting:

Jane Doe: Hello
Jane Doe: *smiles*
Jane Doe: What are you doing?

Here’s a good example
– the user is emoting and has consolidated the same response in a single post:

Jane Doe: /me approaches the man and smiles. “Hello. What are you doing?”

Post In Order

Since role-play here is free form and text-based, it is important to communicate our character’s actions and responses by taking ordered turns with other players who are involved in the same scene.

Always be aware of whose turn it is to post and wait patiently for your own. By taking turns, you allow fair opportunity to other players to respond to your actions.

Don’t Post Multiple Times in a Row!

Double or multiple-posting means to break your actions and responses into multiple posts. It creates confusion with multiple dialogs between players, doesn’t indicate when you’re done responding, and does not allow other players to keep track of order in a scene.

Always put your action and response together in a SINGLE post.

How to Enter a Scene

Before entering a public scene, wait till you’ve observed a full round of responses before adding your own. By waiting, you’ll have a good idea of what’s going on and track the player’s order of posts.

Remember, before trying to interfere a forced fantasy scene, always be courteous and IM players involved in the scene for permission. Often times, you’ll find a hero unwelcomed in CD 😉

Final Example of a Good Scene:

(( first round between players begins ))

Joe Blow: /me enters the room and looks around. Spotting the uniformed police officer on the side, he panics, quickly turns, and begins to exit into the hallway.

Jane Doe: /me shifts slightly in her chair, quietly observing the room. She notices the man’s arrival, his quick departure, and then wonders what he’s up to. “Hmmm…” she ponders.

Officer Taov: /me notices the man’s shady behavior and immediately calls after him. “Hey you! Where do you think you’re going?!”

(( first round of responses complete and now starts the second round ))

Joe Blow: /me hears the loud command and immediately freezes. His mind races as he turns around and stutters, “Uh … is there a problem officer?”

Jane Doe: /me jolts at the sudden yelling from the officer. She sits up straight and begins listening in to the confrontation with intense curiosity. “I wonder if he’s going to get arrested,” she whispers to herself.

Officer Taov: /me cautiously begins walking towards the man with his hand on the handle of his baton. “You seem to be in quite a hurry when you saw me, boy.” He stops just a few steps from him and adds, “You got a problem with the law?”

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