There Will Be Blood

There Will Be Blood

Raven Panthar set aside the fresh bowls of gruel and water provided to her by Master, it was the special item that he had brought her which really took her attention away. Looking up at Dion she could tell Master was pleased, What was the start of the evening a weak and vulnerable teetering on insanity she-male, crossover to something scary something so opposite of Raven that it would simply terrify those who loved her. All her thoughts all the desires seemed centered on pleasing Master, and accepting the word of Belial as gospel. The skittles affects still engaging amplifying her emotions a desire of Lust growing as she holds the tool, a growing sense of insecurity that she must do all this because she wants to be loved and shine in her Master’s eyes, and the laziness to not want to fight an ounce of the wrong that somewhere inside her knows this is all wrong. All her friends, all the events which led up to her searching for answers….

Shards of memories came back to Raven as her arm raised and came down hard, the day she stepped off the bus into Dead End. Blood spattering back into her face, Meeting Dee on the street, she was such a street punk, with all her piercings and boyish style of dress, quite the contrast to her clothing of school girlish style, yet they hit it off like peas in a pod. Raven’s arm raises again with weapon in hand. A montage of memories of Sammie, Talista, MJ, Wrein, men and various other women…Marty the Cop…oh she would be pissed…arm coming down hard, more blood splattering back. Then there was Jenny the face of an angel, the kindness of a saint, her heart beat differently around her. Each time Raven saw flashes of Ming in her mind it was never the kind tempered woman whom had befriended her before she met Jenny, no it was always the raging Ming, punched in the face, attacked in the hospital, and worse still attacking Jenny. Why when Ming did all these things would Jenny be mostly drunk, why would Dee have to fight Ming on her behalf. Tortured by Bean in retribution for Dee’s further actions against Ming, and facing the realty that maybe it was all her fault for getting to know Jenny. Arm goes up again, swinging down and back up and then down hard again and again. Shattered flashes of upsetting moments, Putting Jenny into the car so that Bean can take her home to Ming, watching the car drive off.

Raven’s  memories of lovers, or were they all merely conquests, What drove Raven’s desire to love and have sex…there was another, a love which was there the whole time and she did not see it until now. Meeting Dion the first time, washing dishes at the Jade Dragon, because Raven had no money to pay for her food, Dion giving her a chance to impress him by managing his escort staff, sucking his cock, the unregistered glances whenever he was around, the need to please him by working hard, kidnapping Helene for him and knocking her up so that he can have his baby to raise, things she did for him, her interest grew, seeing him have Mela cowering against the wall as he rubbed a handful of Wasabi into her cunt, his treatment of women his command over them. Ai-Li singing to Raven about things which were never to be known by others, and that article in the paper, things added up, and now the truth is upon her. As she sits amidst the remains of the womans body. Clinging to a hand and smiling. Hoping she can have a pot soon to make the ambrosia her mind has set out to do, there is no right there is no wrong… only pleasure and pain… there is no good there is no evil…. only Master and servant.

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