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    Chelsea Grin

    Chelsea Grin Posted an update 10 years, 6 months ago

    Only been a couple month of trying to get back into the swing of RP. TRYING. Most people around DE seem much experienced to bother to start something up, which makes it seem a little difficult to approach someone who seems stuck up/not interested in someone as ‘good’ as them. Maybe with a bit more scenes here and there the RP will come naturally to me again, it’s what i’m hoping for anyways! Would be nice to have someone walk up to me and start something, I very much fail at just walking up to someone myself to start a RP or a chat. It’s been quite a few years since I’ve RP’d anywhere, fyi. 😀

    • Akirameta Hikimo 10 years, 6 months ago

      It’s normal to feel this way. Even experienced RP’ers get ignored at times when they approach someone. This is not always a reflection of your RP skill, but other factors having nothing to do with you at all. Maybe they are AFK, or absorbed in what they are doing and not paying attention to anyone but the main participants. Some of us try to react to all posts that our character would be able to see or hear, But even we can get caught up in our RP and miss your post. My suggestion? Be proactive. 1.Get into scenes that make sense that she would react to in public areas. 2. Get a job, AND WORK IT! A job can lead you into a lot of role play. 3. Ask. If you feel you are being ignored, IM someone and ask if it’s intentional. If they are in a public space, they should be open to people butting in, but sometimes, some people don’t. Ask and see what’s up.

      • Chelsea Grin 10 years, 6 months ago

        it’s not the fact i’m being ignored, it’s the fact that a lot of new RP’ers and old/new ones as myself feel ‘intimidated’ i suppose, if that’s the right way of phrasing that. when i do get the nerve or bored enough to start a RP with some one new, they usually respond quickly, if not they do IM me and just want to chat oocly, which is cool by me.
        i guess i’m saying, after not bothering with RP for so many years, and coming to a sim (any sim ) who’s in depth with the RP scenes, it’s hard to start something up with someone else when basically most of them already have something going on and can’t be bothered with starting something new, or really just making a new IC buddy or some shit. some of the people i’ve met in DE seem to have similar problems/issues, and sort of stay away in the back. but since i’m like that, usually that’s the sort you end up meeting… most times.
        i was working at the hospital in DE, for most the time i started RP’ing there, i’ve recently stopped though of lack of interest.. but like i’ve said in the original post, i SUCK at trying to meet people, but end up with some cool people anyways.. guess can’t be that bad. and if you’re trying to get into RP or do better, or trying to get back into rp’ing and can’t do much it’d be nice to have a rp buddy to help? does any of that makes sense? LOL my RL husband has gotten into SL and into DE to try out the RP’ing bit, he’s sort of my RP buddy atm!
        i’m still working on Casey’s(chelsea) back story so that puts a damper into the RP as well for me a bit. Can’t really make a new story for her until i get a back story finished up to where the new story would lead up to… bah! doesn’t DE have some sort of mentor person too btw?

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