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Seriously. You do, and on a whole new level this SIM has never ever seen before.

I've a serious pride in my heart for the amazing team that's here, accomplishing things that are way beyond expectations and treating it all like its just another day of fun-having. Attached a note card about my feels right now.

It all started one year ago. Yep, April 13th 2015 I put in an application to be a DEMH/A co-lead. I wanted to push stories and develop medical role play beyond, what I called at the time, the "get hurt, get stitched" cycle that made our RP so repetitious.

There were challenges from the start, namely being that most everyone was bored to tears with the hospital. The reasons for that were many, but it became clear that if I wanted to change the hospital, I'd have to do something about staffing. Enter the NPC charting ratio.

I began to count the number of patients entered by players vs. patients that got entered by NPC note cards. When this started, the ratio was a rather abysmal 20% player entered charts to 80% NPC. The initial goal was to get this to 60/40, and I thought that was lofty at the time... some people told me it was impossible.

Within a few months, you all amazed me when we hit 60/40. Special thanks to Leigh's crazy ass for spending so much time in the hospital to put us over the top. But the work wasn't being done by a small group, and that was the most amazing part. The hours spent in the hospital were growing and for every chart Leigh or I entered, there were new DONGS quickly racking up several patients. I vividly remember being amazed when we we're just shy of 80/20 before I'd even thought for that to be the next goal.

Well 80/20 was heart-warming to see. It was a complete reversal of almost every negative trend that held the hospital back. Fast forward to March, 2016. Our team is fantastic and we're on a months long streak of delivering at or better than 80% player entered patients vs 20% NPC entered. It would be still be a great story, but then we did something I never thought we could actually accomplish. Through March and into April, we started a streak of twenty-five new patients, all player entered. For more than a month, we delivered 100%!!!!!

There's still a lack of words for what this means to me. Almost one year to the day there is a team at the hospital that is flat-out astonishing. Creativity? Not a problem, there are new stories flying around the hospital like spitballs when the substitute teacher leaves the room. Dedication? More than anyone, including myself, ever thought there would be. Fun? Oh... my... god..... so much fun! This team has done something incredible. Take a bow, be proud, 100% coverage is no small accomplishment.

The lead team is filling out and we'll soon introduce the very first class of Department Heads. Together, we'll push medical role play even further and expand it to new grounds. One year later, I find myself even more enthused about medical role play in Dead End and its because of the absolutely terrific group! You all rock.

April 12, 2016 at 10:46 pm
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April 13, 2016 at 6:22 am
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