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In an effort to revitalize some areas of DE, I've spent some time this weekend to update the interiors of a few places ...

Asylum is back
I moved over the Asylum OOC area, expanded the Asylum build, and refurnished the interior. You can do a search for Dead End Asylum in your viewer under "Places" and teleport there. You can also TP directly to it from the bus stop in the OOC area for Dead End City.

The Asylum now includes a full medical facility with a main room and a private one, two padded cells, and three general cells. There is an awesome psychiatry/therapist office, a fully functional shower room with some shaming options, and the general communal area. The staff lobby room has been cleaned up and also features a working guard security system that allows you to monitor public areas in both asylum and the main hospital above.

Almost every prop in there has some special function - be sure to click and explore.

We are looking for two leads; one for the main hospital and the other for the asylum. If you're interested in taking on the role, please submit a proposal. We're looking for fresh blood to really grow the area by providing yourself as a point of contact to new players, pushing notices out, and helping come up with ideas for special stories and events.

Updated Recommended Landing Point
As you may know, when coming in through the OOC area, users would travel down to the bus stop, click on it, and be presented with a few recommended options as well as "see more stops..." that has everything.

Before, the recommended landing area was "city center" which dropped people into the square. After spending countless nights just hanging out and observing the area, it became clear that we were herding people into lag (high traffic area which results in having to load all those mesh/textures/etc. on the many avatars there) and a very enclosed area.

Today, we have a new road that's been paved that connects to the street RH/Quickie/etc. are on that can easily be accessed from the square. Furthermore, the recommended landing point options are now "Main Street", "Motel", "Projects", "Asylum" ... and there is still an option to see all stops. From observation, the motel and main street are the most commonly used stops for new users. I wanted to drop new users further into the middle of Dead End so they had an opportunity to explore the entire sim. Main Street location is actually by the Casino/Easy 8/Quickie .. it's the most central spot with an equal distance between Lulu's and the Diner. Of course, those who prefer to continue dropping by Lulu's can continue to do so by viewing more stops and choosing "City Center".

Easy 8
The bottom cellar has been converted to a private room with a lockable door. The room is rigged with all sorts of sexy fun, including a pool table rigged with a whole lot of fun.

Don't forget, the pool tables in the main area can be sat on and have a few animation functions of their own for more public RP.

Red Herring
Kahlen has given up RH to a new lead (Ren). I'll be renovating the interior a bit, but still keeping the overall look/feel.

With Kahlen assigned to "Digital Media" as her focus, I've tasked her with building a team of reporters, photographers, and to revamp the use of Flickr and maybe even Twitter for IC use. She will be devoting her time to the newspaper fully to help grow that aspect of DE.

The sex shop in the red light district has been updated to include a porn studio on the top store. There's a stage that looks like a partial bedroom with a very nice bdsm/sex enabled bed. There's also a mattress geared towards FFM scenes ... all with cameras pointed in the right directions. I'm hoping this will spur some cool RP for those who are interested in playing on the more seedy side of DE.

The back room has a couch and chair that's built for both relaxing and having a very good time. It'll be a great quick venue for hookers to bring their johns in. The motel is down the street if more discretion is required.

Overall, I believe Cassiel will now be able to move forward with the many ideas she had in store for the shop. I'll leave it to her to start a new thread and share those.

Three rooms that had the older beds have been updated to include a quality bdsm/sex bed. The old beds frequently had reset issues so hopefully these will be much more reliable.

January 20, 2014 at 11:46 am
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January 20, 2014 at 2:09 pm
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