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Three oil stained fingers pushed themselves harshly inside of Evan's panting body; the youth bit down onto her trembling beaten bruised bottom lip; as her older brothers took their time with "training". Being pressed hard against the fogged glass with little to no means of escape, the youth finally realized she was at the mercy of the twins' wrath; Ethan’s large yet burned over left hand tighten its grasp around the back of her neck, sending a burning almost numbing cluster of jolts throughout her tinging body. While Dominique’s stained slender fingers painted her fever like insides, Evan tried not to give in to the melting painful release of the men's touch, not wanting to lose the bits of sanity she had left. Desperately trying to remember what was at stake if she were to "fail" again; but as Evan tightly shut her hazy eyes to drive out the sight of what was being done to her, the punishment the men had planned yet to come was far worse than she could have ever dreamed.
Digging her unbroken nails into the flushed glass, she could not help but meekly moan; as Dominique’s playful middle finger slipped itself deeper into the youth’s slip. Playfully rubbing the tighten drenched walls, while Ethan still holding the back of his younger sister’s neck, leaned down to her blushed covered ear harshly hissing into it sweetly "Little one, give up. It’s alright. We forgive you." It only took mere seconds after those words for the intoxicating mixture of merciful pain and pleasure sent the youth over the edge again.
Gasping out her held back breath, Evan's blood stained drool colorfully spotted the bed-sheets. Ethan let go of the beaten now twitching climaxed body, pleased with himself. Nearly unconscious as she sank down into the oldest’ stained hands. Dominique took extra time cleaning his fingers off while an ashamed Evan tried to push herself free from his hold. The man could not help but snicker, shaking his head kissing his pitiful sister flashed cheek finding her attempt more comical than anything else.
The twins each took their turns in "praising" their now exhausted "prey" as she dazed in and out of clear consciousness; trying to reason with the situation, pushing away or pulling herself away from the hazy shadows as they toyed with her body. Every slight brush of a touch sent a jolt of wild almost possessive electricity through her body, forcing her to bend and contort to their will. Close to being mortified, Evan shook her head and jerked it away whenever she felt the gently touch of pressed lips up against her burning flesh. Feeling herself boiling alive again and again was driving the youth to madness as the frizzy blurs of her brothers “tormented” her, she was beginning to forget this was only “training” as she jerked away; trying to end this. Evan tried to reason with the men, breathless calling out to them for mercy “Enough, enough…can’t..…the heat…it burns.”
Ethan getting tired of this little game, grabbed hold of the foolish girl and pulled her closely to his chest. This had always calmed her down; Wary Evan tried to push herself away from him as he whispered into her ear more poison honey words. "Little one, we love you. Come now…stop this. Behave as you always have." The youth shook her head again and again fighting back the water fogging up her eyes, hiding herself in Ethan’s pounding chest wanting, hoping this was all but a sweet nightmare, she would wake up from.
The man sighted lightly as he petted the girl’s trembling head, kissing the top of it. Speaking down at her "Come now, do you think we like this…surely you do not think so little of us?...Come now little one be good. It feels good, doesn’t it no need to fight us anymore." Frustrated the young woman used all her might to free herself from this stranger, shouting out at both men as if being kicked while down "Enough Enough, ibanilru!"
The men looked at one another, the oldest just shook his head sighing. What a pathetic sight, Evan had become still not understanding the situation even after all this time and as always Ethan wanted to spoon feed her. Dominique leaned back onto the bed as he was counting down to Ethan's shot tempered meltdown. He did not even get to eight when the younger man yanked the girl’s hair down, pulling it down forcing her to look straight up into his eyes. Ethan watched as pure fear washed over the girl's face. Evan's scream like groaned, eased the man's short tempter as he started to marked up and down her neck. He targeted the overly sensitive smaller scars, to prove to her this was no mere game. The action seemed to do its' job, as the girl climaxed with almost every slight touch of his bitter lips. As Dominique enjoyed, his cracked chuckle laughed as he witnessed the girl's defining untamed eyes whimpered while Ethan devoured her alive.
It was a sight to see, the man could not get enough of it; It reminded him so much of how Mma was with Ntate after beating him senseless, sickening yet pleasing at the same time. It was rejuvenating to the older man bringing him back to simpler times, when the family was together. He laughed out right to that nostalgic thought creeping its' way inside of his head, as he tried to sum up the whole thing as a testament to love or what he deemed it to be.

As the oldest of the two, he knew it was for the best to share with his more impatient little brother by four minutes otherwise they would have to start from scratch again. Dominique rolled his eyes watching the two shaking his head smiling faintly. Evan tried to fight her way out of the hold as lustful sugared over words kissed tenderly over her bruised and teased flesh but it was useless, she was far too weak to do anything. Ethan was not playing around and would pull her head back more each time the youth tried to free herself.
There was no way they could go back to playing those needless roles anymore. That line had been crossed again and it was no one’s fault Dominique could not help but snigger at that. Sad but true, it was little Evan’s. Once again she triggered this by being so faithful to her role; that their mother had given her...It was downright cute seeing her working her fingers to the bone along with them happily, always so dam cheerful; never once complaining always so willing to lend the two a pass if they stepped outside their roles. The man sighed rubbing the back of his head, Dominique did not care all too much about whether Evan would get that “peacefully”. The thought made his head hurt in annoyance at the obvious blender in her “training”. It was a hard work tenting to that but it was not without its' moments and pecks when the time presented itself.
Ethan pulled himself back from licking inside Evan's shivering ear, he glared over to his older mirror image who was snickering to himself. Rising a brow, Ethan asked his brother to share "Have you come up with punishment, Arakunrin?" Dominique rubbed his scruffy chin nodding somewhat, as his half smirk die down suddenly, answering "I have a few ideas but what is the fun in telling."
The younger brother rolled his eyes as he grew weary of the other, who just smiled kindly back at him. Finally, after nothing more useful from Dominique, Ethan turned his attention back to his sister who had grown quiet; grabbing hold of Evan's chin staring into her glossed over eyes; Ethan looked back over to Dominique who smirked again and looked down at his watch. “It took longer this time. That’s good.” He teased darkly as Ethan hungrily ran his tongue over Evan’s panting lips, sucking on the very tip of the youth's bleeding lower lip, pulling her closer to him. As if trying to become a single musky mass of sweaty burnt scarred flesh. Chocking on crimson iron as she was dissolving into her brothers’ lust, the blacking out youth was finally released from one of the mad men. Horsley gasping for air as Ethan kept on with his onslaught of pleasing torment, kissing over his bite marks gently. "No, enough… more…Dominique….Dominique!" The youth tried her best to call for help; but the man did not come to her aid. Ethan's free hand slipped under her sweater or what was left of it from the fight earlier and began to brush over the tip of her painfully hardened nipple. Moaning out for her oldest brother’s help again. Evan's cries were quickly hushed by a frantic Ethan as he started nipping at her nipple, tugging up and down while teasing the other with his free hand.
Shaking her head not wanting to lose herself to pleasure anymore, Evan tried her best holding back the groans leaking out as best she could. The beaten girl pleaded for the man to stop as her overwhelmed body betrayed her sense of pride again; falling victim to the bliss of drowning in forced ecstasy.
Dominique watched as his younger brother brought watery eyed Evan to climax again and again, his usual cocky grin returned; taking on that of a child pleased watching their favorite show. Wanting to see more unadulterated fun playout before him. His heated lower half was almost painfully throbbing to the brink of coming as it pressed itself up against the once loose fitting jeans. Dominique met eyes with Ethan, he bit his lower lip. The younger brother kissed the light-headed girl's forehead, brushing some sticky hair out of her mouth before suddenly she was pulled back into the older brother's arms.
Ethan watched as his brother lightly traced over the youth's quivering lips, hissing in her already teased ear "Little know better than to play favorites." The young woman's eyes widen frighteningly as she knew what was to about to happen, her hands tried to rise up to define herself but her mouth was violently popped open having her older brother's oily fingers shoving themselves into her mouth. Now leaning back into the bed a cooling off Ethan watched as Dominique "disciplined" their sister.
Evan's choked coughs and gasps for air mixed with the hissing pleased groans of their oldest brother slightly eased Ethan's throbbing lower half. As the bitter scent of tearing and rippling of tender flesh plunged the youth into another frenzy, her body bucked as she choked from being forced to breathe through her burning nostrils as Dominique's oily fingers jabbed themselves deeper and deeper. The burning pain in the back of her throat brought even more water to her eyes. Torturing the youth till he could tell she was losing the rhythm Dominique slowly eased up with the harsh treatment bit by bit; feeling she had learned her lesson.
The man tugged at the girl's now bleeding ear still resting in his teeth as she coughed out trying to regain her breath; "Now....what do you say to Kekere Arakunrin and I." The man waited tugging on the youth's ear again, as his lower half pulsed.
The moment the both of the men were waiting for. Tears finally poured from the girl's eyes; be on salvation Evan finally let go of her last bit of pride and gave into her brothers' wishes. Shaking the worn-down youth not knowing left from right anymore, weakly glazed up at her tormentors who kindly smiled down at her as they waited for her to answer. Evan's hollow glossed over eyes gave herself over to her brothers once more with a meek yet starving voice the youth "..More..."

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