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Hello, Book
You're new, a virgin, like I was before hunger drove me into the second worse place I've ever been. I thought the movie man was Satan, but I was wrong. I've been to Hell and met Satan, both since that day the incredible chill in Dead End drove me into the doorway of the Hedonist, just hoping to get warmed up a bit before they chased me away. I was used to being chased away then. Or worse. Many was the time in Hathian that curling up in a doorway, or over a steam vent, ended with my clothes a bit more ragged, my body a bit more dirty, and a new dull throb between my legs or in my bottom. Another layer of scars on my soul.

But that's all behind me now. Today is good. I'm clean, well fed, and the ache between my legs is a delicious one, brought about by the lovely angel whose body is pressed to mine while I write this. My Mei.

My Mei. My angel. My drug. I need her like I need air, food, and coffee. She does more to keep me going than the things I need to keep my body going. Her frequent and lengthy absences only increase my desire for her. The sex is always better with her, the orgasms more intense, the passion so fiery that I think it will consume me.

There, Book. I have seduced you. You are no longer a virgin. Now you are ready. To record my passions. To hold my joys. To know my fears. To become the third lover I give myself to completely and most willingly.

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December 28, 2014 at 2:53 pm
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