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Hello Everyone,

After giving long thought to this and then discussing it with Willow, I have decided to step down as the IC Assistant to the Editor and just focus on working on being a reporter and at times a photographer and branching out in other RP experiences in DE. I have been concentrating on RL more and more and since my behavioral health agency in RL is expanding to help children and adolescents in the state I live in, my role as a Clinical Director of Children's Services and Clinical Trainer is becoming more demanding with trying to ensure that the children and adolescents that are in critical need of behavioral health support along with their families are able to receive the top care and treatment from our therapists. This includes myself, where I will have to pick up some additional caseloads to help out with providing therapy for the kiddos we help until we hire more staff and open up our group homes for the children and adolescents that are in child protective services care and have been court ordered to us for day to day living and care. Also soon in the next few months, I will be picking up more research for my doctoral program and this also can be very involved.

I still will be trying to work as a reporter because overall I do enjoy the IC role and I am very appreciative that you enjoy my writing and I love writing for you all. I think this way by stepping down, allows Willow to find someone that can be here a bit more for the responsibilities that being her assistant involves and can focus more on the more complicated RP storylines that this position has involved with it.

I am still enjoying my time in RP in DE and I am still glad that I am a resident of this fun and often crazy city.


Echo (Saffiyah)

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March 9, 2015 at 10:41 am
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