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Over there years there has been much debate over tasers, range and time of the actual charge. In a effort to eliminate that, actual officers were spoken to as well as research online. This will be the uniform standard for all taser useage in Dead End.

What is the range?
The cartridge contains a pair of electrodes and propellant for a single shot and is replaced after each use. There are a number of cartridges designated by range, with the maximum at 35 feet (10.6 m). DEPD range is 20 feet effective 30 feet maximum. Meaning the closer the better success rate.

Can you get tased by touching the person, wires or prongs?
When the trigger of an Electronic Control Device (ECD) such as a TASER is activated, a timed ... lightly insulated wires, and compressed nitrogen propellant. The prongs attatched to the end of the wires are still live as long as there is a arch still going. Sticking your hand into the arch between the prongs will shock you as well as the person being tased. Touching the person being tased will not pass the effect on to you. Touching the wires does not pass current to you.

How long do the effects of a Taser last?
The police version sends a 10 second charge of electricity. Holding the trigger down does not increase the length of charge. But the trigger can be repulled to send another charge. In RL this can happen until the battery dies, in DE a max of 3 times.

How many posts for a officer to use a taser?
2 posts, one to pull and aim, one to fire. Or one to pull and one to aim and fire.

How many posts to reuse the taser?
2 One to reload and aim one to fire or one to reload and one to aim and fire.

Do both prongs need to hit to be effective?
Yes both must hit to be most effective. The prongs travel 180 feet per second
A standard 25 foot Taser cartridge deploys two darts that will penetrate most light clothing. The darts will penetrate denim and some jackets. Even when the darts do not penetrate the clothes (and become hung up in the clothes) the voltage still arcs from dart to dart. Although this type of incidental contact does not cause the kind of muscular interference that the modern Taser X26 is after, it does cause severe pain and can be quite debilitating.

What is the voltage?
Tasers are capable of an output of 50,000 volts, but the voltage delivered to the body is only 1,200. The initial high voltage is used to establish a current between the two taser barbs. Immediately after contact with a body occurs, the voltage drops.

What is a taser, how do i rp it?
It fires two small dart-like electrodes, which stay connected to the main unit by conductors, to deliver electric current to disrupt voluntary control of muscles causing "neuromuscular incapacitation".
If struck by the taser, its common to rp the hit and going down, A round of posts to ride out the effects, then the ability to get back into the scene on the 3rd post. Granted you can play it out longer but keep in mind you just got the shock of a lifetime. The electrode prongs themselves are barbed like fishhooks, not easy to take out and will do damage being removed.

Here is a link that shows the effects on a very large man.

One thing to remember, as in every combat scene, Firing a taser is an attempt as putting someone down and how you rp getting tased or not is up to you. Getting tased is also a way for a person who wants there part of the scene to end they can stay down longer or it allows them scene ender for their character.

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