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From the latest post from Nadir, Luna Ann Belle (lunawaterlily) and I, discussed how things have been somewhat slow for RP in the city and how we think that it’s needed and time for something that can involve everyone that is not what traditionally has been explored and/or used, like the riots and other gang activity. She and I were discussing the idea of using a cyanotoxin to be added to DE’s water supply, causing a massive toxic situation that leaves the entire city under tight measures due to a severe shortage of clean, drinkable or usable water for the citizens. This is something that does actually happen frequently in major cities over time and it causes major problems and can kill or at the very least sicken a vast number of citizens.

Luna and I discussed the use of a toxic algae to be placed into the water. We were thinking either it can be grown and added as a domestic terrorism plot or a natural disaster of it growing and becoming out of control and eventually spilling over into the city water supply from the lake. The effects of this happening would be devastating to the people at the very least.

Typically, citizens would be placed on water restrictions for awhile while things are tested. Businesses would be affected because they cannot wash dishes, cook, give out water to drink. wash hands to prepare food and clean the business in general. Citizens will not be able to perform hygiene very well (maybe possibly bathing or showering maybe if boiled, depending on the type of cyanotoxin), will not be able to drink or cook or clean with any water that is from the city wells. Needless to say, people would need to use bottled water as a result and this would place the city on high demands. Businesses would fight with citizens on how much bottled water can be used and who deserves to have the greatest amounts of bottled water. Gangs can then also come in and set up a black market ring to take control over how much bottled water is put into the city and who gets the water for example. Maybe there may be riots at times over the lack of clean drinkable water and the city may have to go under martial law when they happen. Survival would be paramount for people and their families.

This disaster can last for awhile and would involve and effect every DE citizen and it would help in our minds increase creativity in roleplay.

As a middle and high school science teacher, I know that this happens more frequently than people realize and can easily happen at the blink of an eye. We will include a link of one city’s experience with their own city wide water shortage due to a cyanotoxin.

Luna and I hope that our suggestion is considered for a major story arc for DE roleplay.


February 24, 2015 at 12:04 pm
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