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Highlights for those who want the meat and potatoes:
-The event was billed as a Q&A session about mental and physical health, but it was attended by masses of organized political activists (see daily article explaining unions and groups urging Princess to run).
-Chants of "RUN, PRINCESS, RUN!".
-Princess fields questions, ignoring anything directly political in nature. Notably, Luna asked if Princess would rather be feared or respected. Princess replied that it's better to be respected because those who want to be feared are automatically afraid of those who've earned respect.
-An IC unknown trouble maker (OOC, it was Tilika Raviel (tilika)) throws a bottle, prompting Princess to stand firm. The crowd is getting very amped up.
-Princess has a firm response about thugs in the city. A second bottle is thrown and Princess stands firm on the stage.
-The unknown trouble maker throws a knife, which whizzes through Princess' hair. Princess doesn't seem phased, but really it all happened so fast she couldn't react. She has a stern warning for the assailant and this leads to a promise to run for city council.

All unscripted and happened naturally! So cool it went down like this! Thank you to everyone. Special thanks to Kara who helped me decide on a final chant for the NPC crowd!

========================Full Log==========================
[2016/06/01 13:13] Princess Yheng (princess.minnelli): /me as YuMine and Luna stepped anywhere near the square, a mob of 'Murica clad organizers descended upon each. Within moments, both were proud owners of American EVERYTHING! Flags, stupid hats, shirts, and whatever else they could find! Yay 'Murica!

[2016/06/01 13:14] YuMine Sollomovici ( Taking the mop and the squidgy she washed above and scrubbed gently and then ran the squidgy evenly perfectly down the windows of each segment and ran back inside.

[2016/06/01 13:16] Luna Ann McAddams (lunawaterlily): /me She blinked as the mob decended and was stuffing her hands with a bunch of things! "Thank you" she smiles and tries to seem polite but was really curious now "Yeah Yay Murica! whats all this about?" she asks anyone and everyone who heard her. Was thinking there was a Q and A.. is it July already? no.. no its June.. its totally June.

[2016/06/01 13:20] Jack Sprengel (justoneofthebobs): /me A man, clearly Canadian by accent though decked out in everything 'Murica, heard Luna and replied, "This is aboot Democracy! This is aboot free speech and aboot free expression! Its aboot sticking up for the little guy struggling to make enough just to put Kraft Dinner on the table!"

[2016/06/01 13:23] Luna Ann McAddams (lunawaterlily): /me She looked to the Canadian man and nodded her head "Oh well thank you darlin. Helped a hell of alot there hun." she grinned and would look around and besides the mob she wonders if others are taking their time or something, she would hang back and be patient. she shifted in her place a bit and looked over the items given to her.

[2016/06/01 13:29] Jack Sprengel (justoneofthebobs): /me approached the center of the stage seeming somewhat nervous. It was a bit of stage fright appearing in front of so many people. Jack was used to board rooms, lunch meetings, and more intimate settings. He did, however, look the part of a typical politician's stooge. "Well, uh, hi there everyone. Thanks for coming out and, um, uh, uh, thank you to 101.7, the uh, the DIRTY WAVE!" He shouted the name of the sponsor to try and drum up excitement only to meet with crickets chirping from the crowd of NPCs. Somewhere in the back was the sound of coughing. Somewhere off the side a lone and soft "booooo" could be heard. Up on the stage was the silent sounds of a man bombing.

[2016/06/01 13:30] YuMine Sollomovici ( After watering the plant, she dropped a few herbs in it and some grow formula. She then switched the water, and then started vacuming everything on the floor and then chaise and down to the bar. Then came the chadalier task. Iggy had taught all the girls about being meticulous and she was no exception. She had to now hand up the chandalier over a towel and polish and shine every bead of glass, a soft towel was all it took and 20 minutes of drying and shining. She then took the rack carfully and set it back up and it gleamed perfectly "Ayyy gooood!" she admired her work and worked on the next one.

[2016/06/01 13:32] Luna Ann McAddams (lunawaterlily): /me seeing the glasses she put them on her face and holds everything else, waving a flag and spinning it around a bit just being goofy. she listened and looked up as someone started talking and started on the stage. she would shift around the items in her hands the shirt draped over her arm, as the crowd of Npcs was silent she followed suit like a sheep she is sometimes. looking around to the soft Boo and the cough she returns her gaze back to the man on the stage.

[2016/06/01 13:33] Tilika Raviel (tilika): /me walked in the square and noticed the set up. she sighed, she came to relax and drink and found out something presumably very noisy was about to unfold. she decided to stay however, her curiosity being as strong as her least for the moment

[2016/06/01 13:34] Babatunde Kunte (tergen.sadofsky): /me walked up to Lulu's when he saw a public meeting occurring in the square. He stopped for a moment to watch.

[2016/06/01 13:36] Jack Sprengel (justoneofthebobs): /me coughed and groaned as his plug fell flat. Apparently people don't like Jazz in this town. Jack cleared his throat and then spoke again, "Well, uh, we're all here today because a very talented physician has made time to come and answer our questions. Doctor Princess Yheng sits on the board of directors for Dead End Memorial Hospital and Asylum...." Suddenly Jack was smooth, as if this part had been prepared and rehearsed 22 billion times. "She holds an M.D.-PHd from Rush University and specializes in psychiatry, general trauma care, and general medical practice. She's been responsible for the financial turn-around of the hospital and..... without further ado, I give you.... Doctor Princess Yheng!" The crowd then applauded and as Princess stepped up on stage to relieve the wet blanket some in the crowd began a raucous chant of "RUN, PRINCESS, RUN!"

[2016/06/01 13:40] YuMine Sollomovici ( She put everyhting away and faced all the beer bottles and drinks, and color coded them, restocked the limes, lemons and washed the dishes , wiped the bar and poured some old Sake she had found. She tipped out 5 to the register and then cleaned up and left.

[2016/06/01 13:40] Luna Ann McAddams (lunawaterlily): /me She would honestly Applaud and let out a loud whistle as Princess was introduced, she wouldnt chant with the crowd but she looked around a bit and then her attention was focused back to princess. Mainly listening.

[2016/06/01 13:41] Babatunde Kunte (tergen.sadofsky): /me watched as Princess walked on stage. He didn't take the flags or anything as he wasn't the flag waving type. Instead he watched calmly and when Princess moved forward, he put his hands together and applauded.

[2016/06/01 13:42] Tilika Raviel (tilika): /me had decided to remain a bit away from the crowd. she was leaning against a brick pillar, observing the scene from across the square. she had even managed to have a waitress from Lulus serve her a few beers. she was sipping on the first while three others were lined up at her feet. When she saw princess step forward she spat the whole beer in surprise and looked at her in total confusion. was that bitch really doing politic now. she looked at her bottles and suddenly saw them more as projectiles

[2016/06/01 13:43] Princess Yheng (princess.minnelli): /me waved at the crowd and then held up a hand to politely ask for quiet. "Thank you all for coming. Let's not make a big thing of this..." too late for that, right? "Just go ahead and shout out your questions. I'm listening."

[2016/06/01 13:48] Tom "Failsafe" Tomlinson (justoneofthebobs): /me called from the back, somehow louder than the NPC crowd. "HOW IMPORTANT ARE BIG TITS?!?"

[2016/06/01 13:51] Luna Ann McAddams (lunawaterlily): /me okay with Luna being Luna and she cant stop herself when Princess said just ask questions and she was listening she hollers out "What... is the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow?!" because she cant refuse a Monty Python opportunity.. but once that was out of her system she would be more serious.. but had to get it out of her system. "Seriously.. though.. Would you Rather be respected or feared?"

[2016/06/01 13:51] Babatunde Kunte (tergen.sadofsky): /me smirked hearing that question and shook his head. He also called out a question, thinking it was needed to have something serious out there as well. "WHAT'S YOUR STANCE ON CORRUPTION?" he shouted, knowing how most council members had been extremely corrupt and had fallen.

[2016/06/01 13:52] Tilika Raviel (tilika): /me had downed her four beers at an outstanding rate, even for herself. she had lined them all neatly in front of her and had moved slightly to the left, where a gap in the crowd allowed for a better shot. she smiled, she was ready. she crossed her arms, waiting for what was coming...whatever was coming

[2016/06/01 13:53] Princess Yheng (princess.minnelli): /me passed over question after question about politics and seized on the one shouted from the back. Speaking into the microphone, Princess began, "I heard a question about the importance of breast size. You know it has nothing to do with the size of breasts or genitals and everything to with one's confidence in their own self. A confident young woman will be proud enough to overcome a trivial detail that falls short of society's unfair expectations." The statement got a round of appluase from a camp of NPC's, probably those who already agreed with the psuedo-feminist message coming from Princess. "Would I rather be respected or feared? Good question." Princess was stiff in her manners and body language as she turned to face the direction of the question to answer it next.

[2016/06/01 13:54] Jennie Irelund: /me makes her way through the crowd, fending off people who try to shove useless patriot detritus into her hands. She watches the crowd calling out questions and decides to wait to see how Princess handles the ones she has before throwing out one of her own.

[2016/06/01 13:57] Luna Ann McAddams (lunawaterlily): /me she stood there quiet as she answered the boob question and she perked up a bit as she said her question was good.. she listened.. but thats about it for the moment.

[2016/06/01 13:58] Babatunde Kunte (tergen.sadofsky): /me had called out his question and trusted Princess would get around to answering it. In the meantime he noticed Jennie walking up to the square and he looked at her for a moment, not having seen her in a long time.

[2016/06/01 13:58] Tilika Raviel (tilika): /me rolled her eyes at the number of dumb or unoriginal questions. even her who had zero knowledge of politics had already heard a few of them. after a while she seized a brief moment of calm for herself and shouted "what about your position at the hospital, will you do something about the mistreatment of patients in the asylum?" she had her bottle ready in case the answer wasn't to her liking

[2016/06/01 14:01] Princess Yheng (princess.minnelli): /me looked right into the eyes of people in the crowd, always swiveling to catch a new group with another snippet of statement. "That's not nearly as simple a question as it sounds. I'd rather be respected. Respect is earned through honorable action. It's earned by building trust. It's earned by saying what you will do and then doing it, with no selfish intent." Princess turned in the direction of Baba and spun the whole thing, playing the fencing game of politics all too well. "Lots had been said about corruption. Those sort of people want to be feared. Funny thing is this: those who want to earn your respect are automatically feared by those who'd wish to use fear to control us. So I'd rather have your respect.... and I'd want those corrupt fear mongers to worry about that!" This caused an uproar from the crowd who bought the political messaging wholesale. "Next question, please." She said over the ruckus. "I heard something about the treatment of patients at our institution." She avoided
[2016/06/01 14:01] Princess Yheng (princess.minnelli): asylum as if knowing the word itself would frighten some.

[2016/06/01 14:03] Tilika Raviel (tilika): /me was playing with the bottle she had in hand, waiting patiently...if that was the right word, for the answer

[2016/06/01 14:04] Luna Ann McAddams (lunawaterlily): /me She would clap and let out a whistle, she didnt have anything else, at this very moment, but would listen to the other questions as they were answered and being called out. she thought so far they were all good questions so she was listening intently. (as typist brbs and luna goes quiet. skip meh lol)

[2016/06/01 14:05] Babatunde Kunte (tergen.sadofsky): /me applauded hearing the answer. Well put. He liked how Princess held her ground.

[2016/06/01 14:06] Jennie Irelund: /me gives a polite golf clap, not quite as convinced as the crowd around her seems to be. She gives Baba a glance as he looks her way, and offers him a small smile and a nod. Indeed, she hadn't been sure he was still in town. But for the moment, she's more interested in him than in what Princess has to say.

[2016/06/01 14:07] Princess Yheng (princess.minnelli): /me continued her stiff swiveling to engage the crowd, even taking to using firm hand gestures to drive home her points as she spoke. "The mentally ill are mistreated!" She proclaimed, as if proud of that fact, "They run a gauntlet of stereotypes in a world that pretends not to care about them until the effigy of a monster can be trotted out on the nine o'clock news. We need to fight!" Then came one of those hand gestures. "We need to fight for the marginalized. We need to fight for the mentally ill who've been fighting all their lives against whatever demons they face. I've fought that battle for years and I really hope the rest of you will too. Give that woman a pat on the back.... hell, give her a hug for having the courage to take on a subject like that head on!" The crowd was full of head nods.... and then a sect of hippies descended upon Tilika, all too willing to give the woman loving hugs and gratitude.

[2016/06/01 14:11] Tilika Raviel (tilika): /me frowned and gritted her teeth, since that wasn't at all what she had asked. she tossed the bottle in the air, and caught it back. one of the hippies took a punch in the face, causing the others to flee this not at all pacifist person. "i was asking about how the staff mistreat them, not society bitch" she yelled, launching the bottle toward the scene. grabbing another for her second shot

[2016/06/01 14:16] Babatunde Kunte (tergen.sadofsky): /me looks at Jennie and wants to say something, but gets distracted by the bottle throwing girl. He sighs and looks around for any people who would try to maintain order. He himself didn't respond right away. Keeping order really wasn't his job, now was it?

[2016/06/01 14:18] Princess Yheng (princess.minnelli): /me To the vast majority of the crowd, the source of the bottle throw wouldn't be known. They all had eyes on Princess and so all they saw on the stage was a martyr. A champion for the oppressed standing her ground only to come under fire from some unknown source. The crowd erupted with boos and began screaming things like "Take 'em out on a stretcher!", "City full of punks and low-lifes. Fear the respect criminal scum-bag!" The chorus grew loud as Princess recovered from the near-miss of the bottle crashing into the poster behind her. She looked sternly into the crowd and responded to the unknown source of the bottles. "Still here!" She proclaimed, proud of the fact the bottle hadn't taken her out. "You know it's this sort of element in the city that ruins everything. It's these kind of people, people who'd try to shut down a institution that heals the sick and ends suffering, that plague our city. They threaten children. They threaten a walk to the corner store! I won't stop treating the ill
[2016/06/01 14:18] Princess Yheng (princess.minnelli): no matter what you throw and how do YOU, like THAT?"

[2016/06/01 14:20] Jennie Irelund: /me watches Baba for a moment but then gets distracted by the bottle throw as well. It IS her job to maintain order. God damn it. Where the hell are the patrol officers? She's going to have to talk to candidate Yheng about her security measures. she tries to push her way towards the crowd, grabbing her shield off her skirt and holding it high for people to see as she tries to pull them away from the bottle thrower, "All right, all right! Enough!"

[2016/06/01 14:21] Luna Ann McAddams (lunawaterlily): /me She widened her eyes as she heard Princess's answer and she watched the hippies over to a woman and she would back up having missed something being chucked towards Princess, she didnt know who or anything. But she thought that this would be a good time to head on out, she would slip back away from the roaring crowd and would move towards the Fire Department to make a sandwich.

[2016/06/01 14:22] Tilika Raviel (tilika): /me was reaching a dangerously high level of exasperation hearing Princess do her speech. "oh so you're still here" she muttered under her breath as she picked up the rest of the bottles. which quickly followed the previous one and went crashing on the scene, maybe hitting princess. being out of projectiles she was tempted to throw a knife this time. she stopped to ponder the idea

[2016/06/01 14:24] Babatunde Kunte (tergen.sadofsky): /me followed Jennie towards the bottle throwing idiot and would help if needed. But he wasn't going to take any initiative on that.

[2016/06/01 14:30] Princess Yheng (princess.minnelli): /me the crowd at it up, whipped into a frenzy by the aggressive, no non-sense, pandering. Suddenly the attack became Princess' weapon. Another bottle flew in and the crowd went ape-shit. The citizenry was howling for justice, howling for jobs, howling for solutions to a million different problems. A section of the crowd renewed a chant from earlier and the chant grew, consuming the masses. "RUN, PRINCESS, RUN!" repeated over and over, even as Princess tried to quell the roaring crowd with an outstretched palm like before, "Thank you.... thank you.... please..... thank you."

[2016/06/01 14:34] Jennie Irelund: /me finally pushes her way through the crowd, having a hard time telling exactly who threw the bottle in all the chaos. Jesus, Princess sure isn't making her job easier. The surging, wild crowd, pushes and jostles Jennie, paying no mind to her badge. One of the NPC's knocks into her, sending her back towards the person behind her, which happens to be, though she doesn't realize it yet, Baba.

[2016/06/01 14:36] Tilika Raviel (tilika): /me was really tempted to simply run on the scene and beat princess to oblivion, but the picture of her being ripped apart by the crowd caused her to rethink it. she went for the usual tactic and grabbed one of her daggers. taking careful aim, which wasn't very easy with everyone moving around her. after a moment she tossed it and the knife panted itself right in the middle of the poster next to Princess, a calculated miss, if she was to hit she be ripped apart as well. she then slowly started to circulate among the crowd to leave

[2016/06/01 14:36] Babatunde Kunte (tergen.sadofsky): /me catches Jennie and puts her back on her feet. He then points to the girl who had thrown the bottles and says "Get her," giving Jennie a gentle push in her direction. He himself didn't exactly follow suit. His typist had to attend to other matters so he left the scene instead.

[2016/06/01 14:43] Dream Destiny (dreamweaver.destiny): /me walks up to the bar and sees Kara there. She shakes her head as she gets there and says "What the hell was going on outside? There was some big ruckus and then in the middle some asian chick was trying to sell me shit. Nothing ever changes in this town."

[2016/06/01 14:44] Kara Dumitru (eldine): /me smiled as dream came inside and laughed "i think it was one of the political rallies. can i get you anything?" she tossed the rag she was cleaning with off to the side and leaned on the counter

[2016/06/01 14:47] Princess Yheng (princess.minnelli): /me tried to wave her hands downward like quarterbacks do at home games. It was marginally effective. "Please settle, there's a lot of voices to hear and I want to listen." She held the mic somewhat far away from her mouth so that it wouldn't be so loud.... a tactical manuever to keep the enthusiasm pumping. The knife whizzed by her and even managed to flip a lock of her hair before slamming into the poster behind her. Princess appeared unphased by the incident, though the truth was that it happened too fast for Princess to react. What people saw was Princess standing there, stone-faced, without so much as a flinch. Some of the crowd hushed. Princess turned to look back at the knife sticking out of the poster and then rotated back to look at the crowd. She held out a finger and pointed at the unknown assailant, slowly drawing her finger across the entire crowd. "Whoever that was, where ever you are.... I am not afraid of you. I'm Doctor Princess Yheng and, as of this moment, I want your vote for
[2016/06/01 14:47] Princess Yheng (princess.minnelli): city council. Fear the respect I've earned!" The crowd went to pandamonium and the chant turned. At first it was disorganized with several variations springing up all over the place, but then it synced up and became clear. "FEAR HER RESPECT! FEAR HER RESPECT!" The mob was unanimous held up a hand to wave at the masses, then dropped the mic to walk off stage on that very high note.

[2016/06/01 14:50] Tilika Raviel (tilika): /me ignored the rest of the speech. she simply kept on slowly making her way out of the crowd and would eventually disappear if not stopped

[2016/06/01 14:50] Ming Yheng: /me had to fight all the weirdos who came running towards her off...first she thought they leaped towards her because they liked her looks but as soon as she saw the idiots trying to give her typical capitalisitc American cheap throw away merchandise she started to kick and punch. Luckily all managed to get away from her in time and she brushed her furcoat with both hands, muttering: "Fucking lunerticks....." She quickly barged towards Jennie and said: "We need talk, soon.." and turned a 180 while glaring daggers at Princess......and walked away, as quick as she could.

[2016/06/01 14:52] Jennie Irelund: /me was disoriented by the jostling and the being knocked back into Baba, who was there and gone so fast, she hadn't even seen where he was pointing. But she knew now she's looking for a woman, at least. She straightens up and tries to peer over and between the heads in the crowd to find a guilty-looking woman. Or something that would hint at who it might have been. But no, she doesn't see anyone suspicious. She turns as she hears a voice in her ear. Ming. Damn it. Had she heard already? She figured she'd have at least 24 hours to get her affairs in order. Giving up on the bottle thrower, she figures no time like the present. She turns around squares her shoulders and turns to follow Ming, "Book shop," she calls to her. "We can talk there!"

[2016/06/01 14:57] mikatsu: /me steps up as she sees something happening, and gets curious

[2016/06/01 14:59] Jennie Irelund: /me looks confused at that, then remembers Vie and Ming had had a thing going on several months ago, "You two are still not over that?" she asks, sounding surprised. She shakes her head, "OK... whatever, where do you suggest, then?"

[2016/06/01 15:00] Princess Yheng (princess.minnelli): /me stepped off the stage and shook hands with Jack, who was beaming a nice wide smile as they stepped away. Shortly after the leaders of the various special interest groups that showed up to the rally made their way out to whatever meeting with Princess was going on. ((Thanks everyone for coming!))

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