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Hello DEPD,

Today we will talk about making a decent report so your Captain doesnt try to stab you for making her/him work harder! Lets get started with what we need, Firstly you will need the official DEPD paperwork and a pen. After you got that take a nice seat in your chair and get comfortable. You gonna be spending the next fifty years writing reports!

Lets start with the basics. You will need you DEPD Hud equipped to get this going. So add the hud to your avatar and then you will see in the left hand corner the DEPD hud. It has a radio, and a police officer hat. For now ignore the radio, and click the police hat. This will open up a menu for you to click with five options. You will need the report option. So click that and second life will give you an weburl. Click the link and follow it. You will get a page that will look a bit like this;

Date <---- Here you fill in the time/date of the report. Or arrest report.

Time (SLT)

Incident Location <---- The location were the incident happend, or the arrest happend, For easy use lets say DEPD HQ.

Incident Headline <--- This is what you want to name your report. For easy use lets name it;
Hank likes ranch!

All Officers Involved <--- This you select officers on scene and involved in the report. you will need to use there USERNAME or as some call it. LEGACY name. This means if you have a newer player like Roxysmythe Resident, You will need to fill it in like this, Roxy Smythe (RoxySmythe Resident) <--- Bracetts for there OOC username for the system.

Vanora Blackheart

All Suspects In Scene <--- Suspects, Who is involved in the crime, Even if you dont know them ICLY you need to use there legacy/username. This is the only way for suspects to get the street credit for there crime. If you dont fill it in, no credit is given.

Victims <-- Same as Suspects, Use Legacy name / Username.

Witnesses <--- Same as Suspects.

Statements Taken Include all IC witness statements. <--- ATM this doesnt work on the website. But no fear you can make an INGAME notecard with a chattranscript regarding the ordeal and keep it handy for yourself or other RPers.

OOC Details Include IC names and if characters are known/unknown. <--- Here you fill in ANY OOC detail that is important. Best to do it would be like this;

Vanora Blackheart
Kerri Oakleaf

ICly Unknown
OOC Andi and Deus

IC Name: Song
OOC Song (Crystyl Resident)

Also note if the suspect gave you OOC hints that you havnt found yet you include them in here, For example. "Suspect blood found, would show <username's> Blood which can be traced back in the CSU database." Do mark it as an OOC note!

Summary of Events <-- A detailed summary of what happend. One line reports will not be accepted and the DA will throw them out the window with you after it. So stating this;

"Suspect stabbed victim" <-- Is not enough detail.

Alleged Offenses Checklist <--- Any crime the suspect committed is filled it.

Weapons Used/ Items Stolen <--- This is all weapons and items used to commit the crime. This means, knifes, chainsaws, etc.

Evidence Recovered <-- As it states all the evidence you found. Keep it detailed! This includes Medical reports, Statements, Blood, Weapons, Drugs etc. ((You can leave out evidence if your RP corrupt. Which means you kept something behind, If you want you can mark it in the OOC tab that you removed lets say one kilo of coke for personal use.))

Further Action <-- This means what you will do next after the report, This can include statements from victim, suspects, Sending case to the DA (Pagan Newport-Yheng) Or running evidence for prints, blood, dna etc.

Check if Any Suspects were Arrested/Booked <--- This is only selected if you ARRESTED the suspect. Please note, for each arrested suspect make a new report. Some people will get arrested in a batch but wouldnt have committed the same crime, For example; Suspect A hit a cop, While suspect B was just moaning the cop. Which means A gets a jail time of 3 days, while suspect B gets only 3 hours.

Arrested Suspects <--- Same as with the start of Suspects, you need to fill in who you arrested, And add there username from the drop down menu in here.

After you filled in everything, You can click submit and your done. For your own convienance you can then copy the report and paste it ingame in a notecard and you can share it with other cops.

Lt Blackheart.

August 1, 2014 at 6:19 am
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August 4, 2014 at 6:58 am
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August 23, 2014 at 2:55 pm
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