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State laws have changed and so we must change our procedures. No convictions will be possible without full rape kits, including vaginal/anal ultrasound imaging. There are no exceptions or loopholes. If the procedure is not followed your patient will not receive justice.

Direct any question or comments to Dr. Princess Yheng.

***Contents of attached note card***
A rape kit collects evidence from a victim that can be used in court. Therefore, the procedures included here are necessary in order to obtain all of the information required for a lasting criminal conviction. Staff should wear masks/gloves and put collected evidence in marked bags. These are guidelines on how you might proceed with a rape kit role play. Make judgement calls and/or work with your patients to determine what would be a fun level of detail

Dead End Memorial Hospital recommends remaining objective and being emotionally distant with rape victims. Staff should refuse to discuss specific events of the rape unless it is medically necessary to know what and how injuries were obtained. It is the job of the police to document a victim's story.

Step 0: Obtain OOC consent for the procedure
The enhanced rape kit procedure is intense and pretty much a second sexual assault. We will be probing the patient with wands, spreaders, and being incredibly invasive. Make sure the player is willing to participate in this before proceeding further.


Step 1: Obtain IC consent for the procedure
Be aggressive in obtaining consent from the patient. Try to make the choice as automatic as you can by saying something like, "We are going to preform a procedure called a rape kit. We need you to cooperate and nod your head." The head nod would be taken as a sign of consent.

Step 2: Collect Physical Evidence
Start from the outside and work in towards the more invasive procedures. A full rape kit could take a long time, so make a judgment call on what to include and what to leave out.

You could collect the following as evidence:
-Clothing worn during the assault; underwear and outer clothing.
-Debris found on the victim such as dirt and other foreign objects.
-Fingernail scrapings. A wooden scraper is used to collect material found under the victim's fingernails that could include the attacker's skin cells or evidence tying the victim to a particular crime scene (i.e. motor oil from a garage, frosting from a bakery).
-Collect anything like used condoms, bite-mark impressions, etc.

Step 3: Collect DNA Evidence
These tests and collections are designed to do two things. First, we want to find the attacker's DNA samples. Second, we need samples from the victim so we can separate their DNA from the attacker's.

You could collect the following evidence:
-Hair samples from the victim's head. In truth, we only need a single hair from the front, back, and each side of the head. It is your call on how much hair to take ((remember OOC consent before shaving heads!)) Pulled hair, that includes the root of the hair, is preferred over cut hair. The same process can be repeated for pubic hair samples.
-Oral swabs of the victim's gums and cheeks to collect potential DNA evidence.
-Saliva samples. A filter paper disk is folded, then placed in the victim's mouth. The victim saturates the inner circle of the paper with saliva.
-Collection of secretion specimens (semen) and hair found on the victim's body. Sometimes a victim's pubic hair is combed to see of loose hairs from the attacker can be collected.
-Genital swabs use a lubricated speculum to spread the patient before swabbing the interior of the vagina/anus with q-tips. A penis can also be swabbed, though there is no need to use a speculum.

Step 4: Transvaginal ultrasound
is a test used to look at a woman's reproductive organs, including the uterus, ovaries, and cervix. Transvaginal means across or through the vagina. The ultrasound probe, a wand-like device, will be placed inside the vagina and moved slightly in order to take complete imaging of vagina or anus.

Step 5: Photograph and document injuries
Photographs and written documentation of all of the victim's injuries is vital for the court's understanding of what happened. A ruler should be held up to every injury and photographed. Victims often describe this as a horrific experience as the camera flash and medical discussions of their injuries force them to relive the entire assault.

Step 6: Blood samples and STD tests
Collect blood samples and ask the patient if they would like to be tested for any specific STDs. Document the results of the STD tests in the patient's chart.

Step 7: Administer antibiotics and Plan B
The antibiotics are not optional as they fight potential infections and some STDs. The Plan B pill will prevent unwanted pregnancy and is optional. Many patients dislike being reminded that they may have been impregnated by their rapist.

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