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*I'm looking to get back into rp. It's been awhile, I had came, got started a little, and well real life drug me away. So here I am again ready to go, hopefully make some time and enjoy my down time in SL. So ready to start anew..*

Aerie is new in town, She likes to tell everyone she came here for work, not completely the truth. She is here to hide from her past, start over. Dead End would be the last place anyone would look for her.
She can be extremely moody, some days she might be the nicest person you've ever met, why the next she might be the biggest bitch. She doesn't take much off of anyone, her mouth has always kept her in trouble. She isn't the type to hold back how she feels. Very sarcastic, a huge flirt at times, she isn't afraid to use what she has to get what she wants.
She has taken a job at the first place she seen that was hiring. Writing for the local paper. Something she enjoys to do, but a job she sees that will help her learn the city, the people faster.
She might come off shy at first, but right now she is trying to learn the town, watching the people, keeping her nose out of trouble... At least for the time being.

*So I figured I'd start here and see where she evolves. Can't wait to start meeting everyone in DE*

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