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We have a very fun upcoming week or so of RP opportunity planned in Dead End but we need YOUR help for it! Whether you are a regular player in DE, occasional player, or even just looking for some cross sim RP there are opportunities for you. Please read on.

DE will be coming up on 10 years in SL. ICly, the city of Dead End will be voting to fill two city council chairs and the week that follows will be full of lots of fun.

So where do you come in to play?

We need plot, we need characters! We have some things planned of course, but we want players to help us drive these stories and events - after all, players are the reason DE has been a sim for 10 years.

Maybe you have an IC talent of some sort or want to perform. Maybe you just want to work at the festival to help out with booths. Maybe you want to play an NPC or temporary character of some sort to cause chaos. Maybe you just want to attend!! The ideas are endless.

If you have an idea you aren't sure about, or maybe you want to participate in this but you aren't sure how - IM me or other staff. Reply to this thread. Toss your ideas out there - lets see if we can make it happen.

So what do we have planned so far?

Check the calendar for all the details and check it often as new things will be popping up as we start to get this rolling. Following the election (check the calendar for details on that, too!) - we will kick off this week long festival on Friday, June 2nd

I hope to see you all there and feel free to use this thread as discussion.

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