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Hi everyone,

Just stopping in to up date you all on progress with the Daily. First of, thank you all for your support. I'm delighted to be able to be a part of keeping up with what you all care about and praising/ridiculing erm, reporting on what is is you get up to out there. I have some very fun things in mind for the future as well as some less 'fun' but totally time-saving friendly initiatives to change the way we all work with the paper.

I am going off on holiday today and will be back on the 29th. When I applied, I had hoped to be set up with access before I went away, so I could set some wheels in motion with a view to being able to check articles in my absence via my phone. But it takes time to be put onto the system, something my eager brain didnt really think about. I have spoken with Andi and she has kindly agreed to keep approving articles until I return.

The relaunch event has been scheduled for Tuesday 30th June from 3-4.30 pm slt in the Latter Day Park and Recreation Space, in Dead Drop. Xelan can give anyone who wants to check this space out an LM. Otgherwise, just head for the plot behind the trailer park in Dead Drop. There's a swimming pond and other fun campsite like features. Oh and it's nudist friendly. ๐Ÿ˜‰ If you want to know more about the event 'DE Daily Re-Loaded in the Park' I wrote a little something on the events calendar of the website.

I'm gutted to be going away right now (apart from that it's going to be a lot camping hippy fun), but I promise I'll make it up on my return. ^^

ICly Eve won the Daily gambling at the casino last Thursday night and promptly left town on a bike she had stolen from Yama. Her last shouts were "Im the boss! Im the boss! Im givin' meself a holiday!" There may be rumours round the office about a would-be-anarchist taking over.

Looking forward to seeing you all soon! Keep reporting your stories as usual.


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xelan morgath


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