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Sugar Rush
By sharbear xaris

TYPE: Candy Shop


BACKGROUND: Sugar Rush would bring varieties of candies, ice creams, and baked goods to the city. Not only are they homemade concoctions, it will also be taking customer orders for those who need something a little "extra special." Behind the scenes- Sharebear will of course still offer confections that are mixed with all types of drugs, whether them being cocaine, animal tranquilizers, or even poisons of any sort. It is a great way to work with not only the roleplayers who are just getting involved with the city, but also with more involved roleplayers, factions, and it is a great opportunity to get involved with city-wide businesses as well.


EXPERIENCE:I would love the opportunity to bring Sugar Rush back into Dead End because not only do I believe it'll bring in new fun roleplay environment, it'll bring together old storylines and encourage so many new ones. Candy can be used anytime, anywhere, and the fact that we are incorporating drugs in the candy makes it super versatile. Sharebear had a sick twisted motherly approach to the city with her shop as a way to play with all the roleplayers, and I feel that some really fun opportunities can be brought back with just the type of product we'd be selling IC. It is also a way to get the roleplayers who might not fit the same mold as everyone get involved in something different and unique. I pride myself in bringing the dark in with the bright/positive vibes and I know that when I had my shop before those who joined me in the roleplay really had fun!



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