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Slim Goodies Diner
By DarkDaliah Resident



BACKGROUND: This little dive has the vintage appeal of an old 50's diner. Although, age, wear and tare, along with possibly some neglect over the years has given this establishment character that stands the test of time. Although it looks as though a stiff wind might knock it over, it's been serving edible food for years creating the unmistakable smell of seared hamburgers, fat from the fryers and the electric glow of an aging, nearly burned out sign. It would almost be something wholesome, if it hadn't been forgotten about, neglected and rundown. And that is where I come in. As a leader and avid, longtime Role Player, I would like to keep this little hole in the ground out of the watchful eyes of the DEPD while the Prohibition has been in effect and for the moment I would like to have the Diner act as a front and have it as a sort of distribution stop, making and selling illegal alcohol. Which I would then like to use it as a place that both large quantity buyers and sellers would come to talk and discuss business as well as a sort of Layover when goods need to be stored. I would include new employee's as well as long standing employee's as acting manager with unique little pet projects such as: Slim's Mascot Challenge, this is a twofold event where in employee's are dispatched through out the city with their best design, promoting the Diner in the most creative way. The idea being to fill the tables, so they would hand out samples of the day's Special. And by popular vote, the winner will be the new Slim Goodies Mascot. Meal Planning: What is a Diner without Food? Daily or weekly specials made by the staff for the customers. Clever titles and highest weekly sales, to the victor go the spoils. Lingerie Football anyone? What good is having a mascot without a team? This fictitious Football team is all about giving back to the community with Food Drives, Donations, Charities, Auctions, Grab-Bags and More! These are just some of the idea's that I have to have some regular and special events. I am not above bribing with simple, yet fun little gifts from the Market Place for those that put effort into this fun and exciting new venture

UNIQUE: I've noticed that a lot of the other businesses are extremely popular so standing out is the challenge I am looking for. Unlike those other businesses, Slim Goodies has the advantage of being in a remote location I'd like to be able to use the tools available to me to be able to take this Diner and give it new life. It will have an upstanding position within the community, but what lurks within the shadows, the seedy underbelly and the dirty laundry, is what people really come to the Diner for. Where we offer discretion, upstanding business practices and high quality merchandise only

EXPERIENCE:I'm an idea's person. I like to look at a blank space and fill it with something fun and exciting. I have always been a Role Player within both the CD and DE communities respectively and I would like to put my experiences with creating story lines into the ring.Starting at CD in 2008, I have weaved my way into different characters and story lines and I know that coming up with new, fresh idea's can be time consuming, so that is where my ability to create comes in hand, as well as I believe I am approachable, friendly and outgoing.

IDEAS:As I have a particular story line in mind, there are certain roles that I would like to see filled. I enjoy creating little jobs for people to do, Role Playing and also making people feel welcomed, I plan to take on a personal approach, greeting those who are new, and generally putting in the effort to making people who come to the Diner enjoy their RP

OTHER:Firstly, I would have the worlds cheesiest Notice. Secondly, It would be a Grand re-opening with Vintage prices, everything on the menu would be as it would when Diners were first popular. And anyone who brings in a non-perishable food item will be given a food voucher on their next visit to pay the same price. 100% of Donations are given to the food bank. A very general meet-and-greet with the public.

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