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Purple Haze
By Dolorific Resident

TYPE: Head Shop

SLURL: secondlife://Dead%20End/156/220/45

BACKGROUND: I/Rhia am hoping to open up a seemingly rather generic-looking headshop working within the statutes of the law. Selling anything related to "tobacco"-smoking, from actual water pipes (bongs/bubblers) and glassware, wraps, vaporizers, gasmasks, etc, all the way to novelty items and accessories such as body jewelry, ashtrays, tacky bumper stickers and anything gaudy that's related to "tobacco" smoking. I also hope to have a small adult magazine/DVD section as is often found in such shops, and also plan to sell recreational intoxicants that are legal, things such as bath salts, salvia, nitrous dispensers and canisters/balloons, horny goat weed and other male enhancements. Of course, this isn't a dispensary, with the laws currently being so up-in-the-air in the state, but I plan on making sure there's some under-the-counter, illegal sales of marijuana and 'soft' narcotics/party drugs happening, of course, along with the potential of it to develop into 'hub' for other dubious activities depending on IC happenings and events.


EXPERIENCE:A weed/headshop is something I've been dying for the opportunity to do in my RP for a long time, and am super excited at this potential chance! I consider myself an 'experienced' RP'er and have acted as GM, moderator, admin, etc and acted in leadership roles throughout my RP 'life' so am accustomed and aware of the requirements that come with the privilege, and of general RP and OOC etiquette. I have also always had a soft spot for DE and am very excited for the opportunity to provoke RP and generate stories for myself, others, and the sim in general!



April 15, 2017 at 8:40 am
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April 16, 2017 at 7:18 pm
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