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By rileyjones2 Resident



BACKGROUND: Well, for one, we would have an official "Movie Night", if allowed of course. I have one of those fancy TV's with tons of movies on them, I could rez it out (would need to be deeded) and run movies, because, that's what a cinema is all about! Movies! But wait, there's more! Aside from movies, the cinema can house the city council rallies, and live events at the theatre, things like parties could be held here, maybe a poetry night? Parties...open mic night (via text) parties, did i mention parties?

UNIQUE: Ok, now, this is where plan B comes into effect. See, not only would we have things like, birthday parties, live events, etc, that's just the facade! On the inside, the deep underdark, we'd have drug running, human traffiking, smuggling illegal things in and out of the city. This woudl start small, but it could wind up being a starting point for most illegal things going through the city!

EXPERIENCE:As i said in my previous proposal, I've done it all. I ran RP sims, I moderated RP sims, I owned RP sims, I've been on and off Sl since I was 14 years old, and hell I worked in a drama theatre RL, so I kind of have some ideas of the workings!

IDEAS:Who doesn't love movies! You there, you like movies right? Guy who lurks and never posts, you love movies right? Nadir, you like movies right? Who doesn't! Who hasn't dreamed at least once of working in a theatre! I...Riley Thomas...can make that happen! Just sign this waver here that says i have full control of your life and dont read fine print and we're good! "If you build it, they will come" right? So players come in, they can choose, THEY HAVE CHOICES! Do they want to work and be part of the underground? GREAT! Want to run movies and be goody two shoes? We got that! Want to do it both? New players can do that too! There's a lot people can do within a theatre, and with movies and drama and such, I think people would come enjoy their time!

OTHER:A movie marathon (If i can run actual movies). We can put up a vote on the forums while I get things set up, let people decide what to see (If we can find them), and show them. Maybe a trilogy or something, maybe an all day marathon? If I CANT run movies, then I can try to contact a performing group to come in and perform for us? Also, a party, cuz I didn't say party enough in this...

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