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Dion's Birthday is the 31st of this month, so he wants to throw a party. He is only telling a shortish list of people ICL:y that it is his birthday but still a party must be had None the less. When I was rolling the idea of doing a party around in my head I got an image that I would like to share with you all before detailing the Event I am planning for the 25th.

Dipping thought the crowd the musty scent of the old tunnels saturated with decades of lake run off permeates the air. The passage opens into a large chamber crafted from the same milled stones and bricks that crafted the passage to it. A long underused section of the sewers now only in use during the annual floods. Clearly the door that you pass though may be one of the many causes for the flooding the city copes with. Before reaching the chamber the dull thud of the bass can be heard, echoing off the walls and through the tunnels leading to the room. The Chamber is alight with activity, first impressions of the sight will not be far from that of a underground rave. Hidden away underground the throngs of people cavort about to the music and the lights, ingesting booze and drugs of all sorts. to the side a group of stalls stand to the side as a man rents out masked and scantily clad women and men to those that have the proper coinage. The prostitutes are take off to the booths or other dark corners of the chamber to be used as their renter desires. In the center of the room the mass of people parts to give way to the ruff etched ring in the cents. Fighters battle it out in bloody and brutal contest behind barbwires laced fencing. The combatants fight for their live and their freedom. Some of the fighters entered the cage of their on volition others forced to fight against their will, some chemically coerced into a rage. Some of the victors may just earn the right to leave the ring with life and limb, others with the prize of their fallen foe. the free fighters all battle for glory and a slice of the winnings of the bookies gathering bets from the teeming crowd. Uniformed masked men roam the area keeping the peace, throwing those that dare to battle outside of the ring into one of the other cages to fight until they fall to the dirt, a heap, some not long for this world. Drugs are take, alcohol drunk, flesh is used and pleasured, and blood is spilt.

I short I want to hold an underground fight event. Much less structured than the last event but ICLy much more dangerous for the combatants. If I can swing the space and the location will try to have more than one fight ring set up so there can be more than one fight going on at a time. Still trying to keep the length of a fight to about an hour or so RL time just for sanity sake.

I understand that a gathering like this is not going to be everybody's bag ICly. So with that in mind I will detail several ALT role options for people that may like to show up and have fun with the RP but can not see their main getting involved in it. News of this will be ICLy spread word of mouth, will have some people doing that but being you have seen this here consider this you having heard about it. I theory the word about the party may not reach the more civically upstanding sorts of people so if you want to play at the event, but you fi that bill we have plenty of tem ALT NPC like roles that will need to be filled

The event will run Fri, Mar 25 - Sat, Mar 26 @ 6:00 pm - 1:00 am, long I know but it is a party so don't feel like you need to be there the whole time. It will either be located in a skybox I set up on my land in DeadFall or in The Fix if I can get permission to set up in there. I prefer the later not only because it is an existing build in De that gets too little use, but it would allow people to loiter about topside and perv on the scene.

The Cult will be working to fill the pimping and dealing slots but if other Factions or individuals want in on the action I am sure they can work something out with the people I am place in charge of each of those tasks.

IC Rules:
Ok these are the things the Sec team will try and enforce. Giving fair warning now about them and what Ic consequences to expect if you're caught violating them. This is also a possible good way of getting in on some of the fight action. This is not me say that you can not do these things ICly just that if you do there may be consequences and what to expect as them.
No cameras, Video or still. People will be doing lots of illegal shit and should feel safe about that.
No theft, this not only goes to Cult sellers of whores, drugs, and booze but anyone that we allow to sell there.
Selling 'wares' without getting cleared. Consequences on this may just be the taking of a larger cut of your take, not cageing in a ring.
No Fighting outside of a cage. if you have issue with someone take it to a cage. If you get caught you will be tossed in one regardless, so just save yourself a beating.
Interfering with a fight. this will be treated as stealing sense bets are being made on the fights.
Visible weapons. Basic De street rules on weapons if we can see it the NPC bouncer won't let you in with it. Not disarming people just wanting them to stay hidden so people can relax some. It is a party after all.

Most violations will be handled simply by being dosed up with a drug that sends the vic into a rage and thrown into a cage. There will probably be some chaining to keep them from rushing the gate next time it opens.

Staff Roles:
If you want to play an alt on the staff contact the person I have put in charge of that area and they will sort you out and set you up. This can be with your Main/reg alt, or with a temp Alt just for the event. You don't have to be Cult can just be a hired gun for the night.

<b>Security:</b> 3-6
Head of security is Mitt (mitternachtvernichtung). As a rough estimate I would like at least three more sec people but no more than six. They will be given the task of keeping order during the party. enforcing the rules and making sure that people can enjoy the party with out being fucked up. They also may be asked to help corral fight and whoring slaves as needed. Collect on debts from the betting and just make sure no thieving gets on. Once you leave the chamber the event is in your on your own though. Security staff will be provided with some body armor uniform looking thing, a hockey mask like thing, and a cattle prod. They are the only ones allowed visible weapons. Total stormtrooper looking Mo' Fo's but shock and awe or something right. Not only is this a good job for temp alts or anyone that just like s to beat face, but looking to get a few dirty cops to fill this role. Give them a chance to get their dirt on.

<b>'Bar'tender</b>: 2-4
Peninnah (jaylah.sass) is organizing this side of things, though story may cause this to change. She'll need between 2 and 4 people to help her with this. Basically man the bar work the crowd selling drugs and booze to the crowd. Get everyone drunk and high. It is a part after all. This role is open to again Main/common alts or a temp AlT. Bartenders and drug dealers that hit her up. You don't have to bring your own wares but if you do the Cult will take a cut for provided security and the convenience of location that we created.

<p>Pimp</b> 1-3/4+
Shayden Tyrus (shadowwolf04) will be organizing the whores and the support pimps. He will miss the first hour or two of the event so he will need a strong right hand. He's picking the person FYI. Would like to have no more then three support pimps but want at least four whores, and no more than six. Pimps will be willing cause yeah. They will be charged with collecting payment for the whores and making sure that the customer gets what and only what they payed for. Enforced by security if needed. Whores can be male of female we're not discriminating here. They can be willing or unwilling, Main or Alt. Forced may be drugged up to keep them complacent or kept in a locked room for rough play. I would like a fairly even disbursement of forced, will, drugged and soberish, amongst the whores. I think it would be fun if the whores, forced and willing, only wore, a collar, maybe a harness or something sheer, possibly a catsuit, and a open mouth mask/hood. that way there is some animinity for both the willing and the forced. Plus Dion would just get a kick out of that visual.
Another option during this is IC 'perm' sales. instead of 'leasing' out a girl/boy, if the price is right and the player is willing, they could be sold off to someone that is interested in them. again fitting for all the range of girls/boys.

<B>Bookie</B>:1+ 1-3
I have some feelers out to fill the head person here will be very... picky about who fills this role for obvious reasons. For now, unless a post later in this thread says otherwise contact me. this person will be tasked with keeping fights happening and collecting a list of the combatants. As well as when the fights are in action, collecting the bets on the fighters and setting the odds. which by default will just be 2 to 1 unless the fight is way lop sided or one of the combatants is a known bad ass.

<b>Fighters</b>: 7+
Now the bit I'm sure some of you have been chomping at the bit for me to get into. Fighters... If you want to fight contact the Bookie to get you listed. Until posted otherwise that's me.
there will be several types of fights though the night and I fully expect that the fights will be very brutal. They will not be called until someone is clearly not getting up again, or they call for mercy. Fighters can be willing or unwilling. Main or alt, temp or otherwise. I will try to have multiple rings up so we can have more than one fight going on at a time. Not all of the fighters are likely to be the fighter type. In some cases waifs who can't really fight may be put in a cage with a beast just so we can see someone get the snot beat out of them. Bets for the beast to win will not be taken. Forced fighters should expect to fight more than once. Willing only if you want too. 'Walk ins' as welcome but stating you want to fight ahead of time is preferred.
I'm going to go over the different sorts of fights that you can expect to see.
Basic. Two walk in one walks out. Could be pair of captives, both willing or a mix. This is really the most straightforward so don't think it really needs much more then that. Warning these fights may end in serious harm to your char or death. Limits permitting of course. But they should have the feel to them that the fighters are at risk of being seriously if not permanently harmed after the fight.
Ownership. Again could be willing or unwilling but more likely to have one unwilling. Basically the winner of the fight gets to leave the party with the other defeated fighter in chains. do what you want with them once you win them. If you play an Alt in this sort of fight be respectful to the winner you owe them at least one scene after the event. Unless they wave that of course. How this plays out post event is up to you. this fight type is open to any combatant , as long as BOTH players agree.
Weaponed. Most likely forced but if you willing want to do one of these fights party on. combatants will be given some kind of weapon to battle against their opponent with. Broken glass glued to hand wrappings, a bat, an axe. That is up to the fighters. There may only be one weapon in the ring or a captive could be sent in unarmed against an armed willing fighter. Again these conditions are subject to the interests of the fighters.
'Criminal' fight. the idea is to set up a ring where anyone breaking the IC rules is tossed in. they WILL be dosed with a drug that will send them into a frenzy. they will be left there to just beat on each other as a reminder not to be a dick and follow the rules.
Again fighters can be willing or forced, drugged or not. They can be Alts or Mains. Just let me or the Bookie know that you're interested and we will work to get you in there.

Regarding a police raid. this is my first attempt at an underground fight event like this, or really a criminal bazaar really. So I will try and arrange for a suitable distraction to take place at the same time to draw the PD away from the event and keep them busy for the night.

I think I got everything covered I will be putting this over on the Leaders board as well with some bonus stuff for them.

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