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As per discussed in the leaders meeting this month, the admins have decided to start a monthly post that will include updates on any suggestions, requests or any important things that need to be told to the sim as a whole.. IF WE MISS anything, please shoot us an IM so that we can include this in here.. We will NOT discuss individual issues involving players or ooc problems..

For those waiting for staff- Nadir is working on getting the list completed so we can all give the thumbs up.. Afterwards, he'll be passing out the HUDs.. He is back from vacation so BE PATIENT.. For those mentors/mods that have already been given the nod, please do what you need to do.. Start OOC classes (speak with an admin for more info) and mentoring the newbies..

Traffic on sim due to public RP- Due to the increase in public roleplay, the sim traffic is steadily going up.. Keep up the awesome work folks..
As a side note: For those of you going into large scenes.. I know it's difficult to keep up posts so be sure that if you post directly at someone and they ignore you, toss them an IM and let them know in a nice way that you did post to them.. Sometimes people miss things.. If you are on sim and plan to be AFK for an extended period of time - please either go to your private homes or to the landing point.. This prevents people from feeling ignored on the sim and doesn't make you look like a jerkie jerk.. If you are waiting for someone specific, be aware when in public areas most folks will likely walk up and say hello if they're bored.. Shoot them an IM and let 'em know.. Communication is key!

Sim plots - The increase of sim plots and folks getting into them have been outstanding.. We have a HUGE number of players that are thrilled about the most recent sim plot regarding drugs.. and I, personally, have watched a lot of you creep up into the sim for other various things.. Sim plots give new players a rather awesome view into what DE can do.. specifically its players.. KEEP THAT SHIT UP and bring us your ideas so we can make it happen!

CURRENT SIM PLOTS - Boner Boost provided by Axe. Creating the best sex since ever! (Please see Kara or Tarra/Titi for more information)

Impromptu Events - LEADS! If there is no event planned for the day or planned for later on in the evening/morning and you are noticing a lot of bored people on, have an impromptu event.. Last night, what started out as just a sex scene to get revenge on Anjel by having sex on his bar.. turned into a foam party with a lot of naked people and a small orgy... Little things!!! If it's realistic and doesn't require a 100 prim thing to do.. Fuckin do it... If the admins can help ya out, IE: I purchased a foam machine for this party and foamed out the 8s, then we will be happy to! Be sure and post this up in the leaders forum so you get credit.. if you have some extra time (a few hours) message leads and see who wants to be involved in it.. and just have 'em come down.. (Side note: Impromptu events do not count as your monthly, you sneaky people you..)

Story Weavers - are here to help you.. Go to them for all your plotting needs! They're happy to hear your ideas and post 'em on the bench to get them going...
Current Story Weavers: Dee, Pagan, Xelly, Tarra, Dion, Misha, Ming and Princess - Contact these folks for more information..

Suggestion for two new benches added to DF/DE Crossing over by the FD/PD - Suggestion passed on to Nadir, pending approval.

Request for 'Sex Bar' in Slim Goodies Diner - Suggestion passed to Nadir, pending approval.

Sim Owned: Icky Quickie - DE Cinema - Pawn Shop
Themed Rentals: Salon

Slight Of Hand - Yuri
Cherry Bomb's - Cherry
Dust Bunnies - Ayase
Sugar Rush - Sharbear
The Cloister - Brooklyn
Twisted Ice Cream Parlor - Eddie
The Massage Parlor - Mitt

Wild Dragon Escort Service - Xelan
Sugar Rush - Sharebear
FlameCo - Mela (Will be running soon!)
Slim Goodies - Roi

Please take some time and drop by their businesses and shoot them some rp!

August 24, 2016 at 2:38 pm
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August 24, 2016 at 9:08 pm
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August 25, 2016 at 12:40 pm
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