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ming yheng


(disclaimer: Ming has some strong opinions at the world she lives in, everything written here is purely IC)

Ming sits at home, finally alone since a long time, brother not at home, Suki out shopping, and she is scribbling some random thoughts on a piece of paper..

It is a mess, everything. My daughters is attacked and insult by everyone and then they think is strange we fight back. We is and are tight family, no fake family, we care with heart for each other. But round eyes don't know what a family is.

They now think we is cult, I mean..really? This is what I mean, round eyes no see difference into family, gang and ..cult. They is bullshit with anal worms.

That girl who live behind busstation call me Korean, stupid round eyes, everyone from Asia look same to them, even pigeon. They is without brain , no understand Chinese is proud people and insult is when called different race, not like Japanese, Japanese no care how be called, all they is think of is for make dirty woman panties and sell them in old pantymachine in front of puddingporn shop.

Kyna, massagebitch is always talk bad about me, always insult me, talk to me as if I is small child. That is most big insult, I is fucking Mother of Yheng family and I is deserve respect, for dammitshitfuck!

Yesterday now I see Xelan, my child, bake sweet wordcookies with Kyna, they was both drool at eachother. Fuck them! Xelan makes huge fault, she betray own family and feeling of mother, I now need contact family in Malaysia for consult how deal with it, I hope they no tell me I need kill Xelan until she is dead.

Fuck this world, maybe I go back to Asia, live with family, city of Dead and End is too much mess.

(tea stain on paper)

Yesterday I celebrate Halloween for show I intergrates in western way of live. I even wear stupid costume, I no understand why round eyes like wear costume, is they afraid of natural look? They have so big mouth but they is never carry pride, only out fashion coats.

I have throw big pumpkin to Xelan's head for smooching with my enemy, Kyna. Pumpkin hit in face but when I go for kill Kyna's face, that cop Donovan sit on me because I was on fire. When I see his face I was vomit but he vomit back on me.

I need change things in city fast, is go get not for live in Dead and End no more for me. Family betray me and if I go ask Xelan she always say "Is stratergic, is built shield for future" I no believe her no more, I think she just want something inside her hamburger and now she betray family honor for get it.

I is done, I think I go book ticket for airplane.

November 1, 2015 at 8:35 am
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November 4, 2015 at 6:27 am
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