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    She packed her families things, and the leftover DEMH stuff and meds and sat looking about. She was stressed, very upset and started sobbing but stopped. since 2010 she had loved this place and worked her ass off to be the best, to be one OF the best. All the late nights studying in town, stripping, working out, lectures, the drama she was thankful Leigh had helped her as well….. The limo was headed to Louisiana but she was driving, people were loading in and she looked at Hiro. “Fucking go ahead and say one shit, and Ill kill you in the car and leave yo ass here. ” she spoke in her non proper London accent. He just looked down. She got in the car and drove off till someone farted long and loud. She slammed on the breaks. “really and I have to drive all down South. Motherfuckers, can walk…in fact you can shit your way back to Hathian on Spirit Airlines!” she slammed on the gas and blew town. OOC- I want to thank everyone i knew in DE for well..since 2010 and nadir for making a situation better, letting me explore dark sides, healing, and so many fun RP’s. I will miss this place. Let me have my tears and we can move on to greater things.

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