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    – yes you can pay the defendants bail but it does come out of your own cash, the law office is not equip with bail bonds, the person asking for the bail is responsible for paying it back to you after.

    – Everyone charged and put in jail is required to stay there for the minimum 24hours , you can find out if they have already served that time by ooc in IM’s with either a cop or the person under arrest, ((this is set in stone and will not change for anyone)) this gives the PD a chance to do interrogations and questioning for their cases and further their rp, if the client does scream lawyer..then you should be allowed in during the questioning, that does not how ever give you the ok to bail them out.

    -The arresting officer of your client needs to give the ok to call a judge for you. if for some reason bail is denied don’t be discouraged over the rp..it just means the PD is not done doing their RP with the client ..give them a chance to, they worked hard to get everyone to this point in the RP also.

    – All case files should be sent over to me when the PD has finished and closed their case, meaning it is ready to be in court, then I will always send you the NC I received ,sometimes that does not happen, if that is the case and your client knows they are in trouble and they want the court rp, you can talk to me in IM oocly to find out what to do next.

    -The law office is optional RP it is not forced on anyone to go any further then meeting up with them in jail, but just know that if the person keeps refusing the consequences of breaking the laws, people may not want to keep RPing with them.

    -When everything is done and the lawyers, clients, or any whiteness are ready to go into court, all the lawyers are required to post their cases and any evidence they have for the case on the website, it will icly be used as filing the case, if you don’t have a user name on the forum yet, I would like that you take the time to sign up and join the group called(( Dead End Courts)) http://deadend.sl/ or you can click on the sign in the subway entrance in world.

    Any other questions don’t be afraid to IM me in world – pagan ghostraven

    -List of Judges-
    kahlen vaniva- IC name -Judy
    Huggiebearodonnell resident -IC Name-Theo Vanhorn
    Faerie Lindley-IC name- Cara
    Warumono Mode-IC name-
    Cyn Eternl -IC Name-Hank T. Stone
    Draiman Residen -IC name- J.R. CrowWing

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