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    MJ first came to Dead End from another city when her services either as a gang member or a doctor no longer seemed to be needed. She was also escaping some bad memories of that city. Memories that tend to bring out her darker side.

    At that time, the Yhengs seemed to control the city through sex trafficking, and, as a result, she united with a couple of friends to compete against the Yhengs for control of the sex trade only to become a part of the Yheng enterprise. In time the Yhengs left and MJ’s little group broke up from internal conflict. She then became friends with Ming Yheng, at the hospital who got her interested in the secrets of Oriental/Eastern forms of medicine. She then left DE for a time to learn more as well as get married.

    Before she left DE she wrote her half-sister Aleha Levee about changes to DE that may help her establish herself as a madam in the red light district.

    With her studies completed, she has returned to Dead End to contribute to the hospital in anyway she can, and is able to.

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