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    The sun rose appearing through the curtains, the warm rays landing upon her face, her eyes open slowly sore and red. So much for sleep, she pouts to herself, all of a hour. I spent the night, tortured by the memories of that demon, rubbing her scars on her wrists, triggering a flashback, she wiggled against the cold, damp bricks, shackles shook as he slammed violently into her, biting her lip, stopping the screams from escaping, she held her eyes tightly shut, she begged god to take her away, he grutted in her ear, she knew he was near the smell of strong body odour, alcoholism and bad breath filled her nostrils making the bile shoot up and filled her mouth she swallowed it back down burning her troat. He jolted and she felt the demon seed fill her, he pulled out and replaced the anal plug back inside of her, thank you doll, he wobbled out of the room, locking the door behind him. She pushed her pussy walls and shoot the anal plug to the floor his seeds soon followed , feeling it travel down her inner thighs. She finally screamed fuck you God fuck you, shaking her head she sat upright and decided today she would go look for a job in deadend city as funds were now running low.

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