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    She woke, in the pitch blackness of her room, flashes of images of her newborns faces. pierced her brain and stabbed at her heart, reaching her arm out, she switches the lamp on, the blackness fades revealing the worn and torn decor. pushing herself up, rubbing her over worked eyes, she scans the mountains of newspaper articles, that surrounds her on the bed ,she recently had printed from the library, articles about babies found dead, from the date her first baby was born. Picking up an article titled we weep little one, dated a month after her boy was born and murdered by the demon. She continued to read, a baby John Doe found by a passerby while he was out walking his dog. Autopsy of baby John Doe, evidence indicates the child was mauled by an human, abused internally, Bambi flashes back to that day, watching him breaking the bond between the two, the cord was cut, she scrambled out of bed barely making it to the toilet before her dinner returned, screen fades out.

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