the icky-quickie slushie chug

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Wed, Aug 23 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


from 7pm slt till 9pm slt…get ready to open up those throats, the icky-quickie slushie chug is coming, the contest is simple, the person ((hoping for at least 3 people and 1 person with me to judge/keep count)) who drinks the most slushy wins a prize, 12oz cups at a time, contestants will have there choice of blueberry, strawberry or mango slush, the one who drinks the most, wins! now, the rules are simple, if you puke, you are out, if you have to pee, ya better hold it because leaving the table disqualify’s you ((i may consider something to put in the slush like a drug or something, not sure yet..))