Red Herrings: Hit or Miss Event!!

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Wed, May 24 @ 6:15 pm - 8:15 pm



This event will take place Wednesday May 24th starting at 6:15 PM (SLT)

Luna will be concocting some rather strange ingredients to go into her baked pastries… Will you get a Vanilla Cupcake with buttercream frosting? Or one filled with fish paste and toothpaste? Who knows!! This is the fun of everything!! Mystery! Excitement! Come watch your friends either get grossed out or enjoy a great treat!! All goodies will be free, and coffee and other drinks to wash the potential bad taste out will also be provided.

Got an iron stomach? The one who can hold down her most daring flavor, will win a mystery prize!

Are you brave…. or too Chicken?? So come on down the 24th and show this city what youre made of!