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Marie has been missing from the Dead End during the summer, but she has been seen walking the city aware of some of the changes. ((OOC) RL took precedent over SL; (IC’ly) she had to go into hiding as she became aware that her life may be in danger from a gang from her hometown that she escaped from). IC’ly, Marie hopes that she still has a job […] View
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    Shivering Moonshadow

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    Sure, can do! What about a little RLD parade to open it? Spin can also offer staff to man stalls too and supple decorations and such ICly. Contact me inworld with any thoughts if anyone wants to bump heads? Wondering if this might key in with the rave Phoe and I have been talking about having in the warehouse. 🙂

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    also, along those lines… when you’re in the Post order on an 8 person scene, brevity is the soul of wit. If you just cannot help yourself but engage your inner tolstoy, start typing while other people are emoting. Making 7 other people wait ten minutes for your *gold* means over 1 hour of time has been spent waiting for you.