The Hellcats

The Hellcats Motorcycle Club or simply, The Hellcats, are a 1%er outlaw motorcycle club. Living by their own code and laws, bowing to none the cub motto is 'No Gods No Masters'. The most important ideal in the club is loyalty to the MC above all else. The clubs needs come before any other obligation. If a Hellcat puts out a call for help they will be backed up by other Hellcats. Cross a Hellcat and you cross the whole of the club. The Hellcats are not so much into causing general anarchy or trying to break down the system as they with wanting to make money and have a good time doing it. In most cases violent crimes are considered 'having a good time'. The club deals and manufactures drugs, runs murder for hire, imports weapons, and has been known to hijack shipments. Brutal violence and strong arm robbery are their trademarks. While it is a motorcycle club at it's core not all members are bikers. Many members are from other walks of life.


Adherents of Belial

How exactly the Adherents of Belial came to be is not exactly known. They are not quite the group that they used to be, as with time, things change - a passing of the torch from one to the next. There are several rumors on the streets - regardless of the validity of any of them, one thing can be taken from this: The name has been uttered throughout every part of the city for several years. The history of a group that many would label as a cult has not been created in vain, they are here with the intent to stay. The members are widespread, coming from different walks of life, their entrance in to the chaos varying from things such as force to chance. One thing all of them have in common is the choice that they made to say. A unique dynamic that can somehow only be described with the word family, theye work together with the common cause of delivering their own agenda filled with the idea of chaos, power, pleasure and pain. They run together like wolves, and while not all of the members are known, it is likely they are among you... closer than you think, blending in with every part of this city waiting for the right time to reveal themselves. Not all of the Adherents dance in the dark, some have no problem with screaming it loud and clear from the rooftops. Some say once you get in, there is no way out. Could that really be the case?


The Exiled

The Exiled are just that - the exiled. There are no fancy names, practices, religions or ideologies to be found here. A group of people have banned together to take on the world, okay.. maybe just their corner of it. They are ambiguous in the fact that they do not refer to themselves as The Exiled.. they are every sense of the words. Rejects, freaks, outcasts, however one want to label them, they take it in stride and will probably slip it off of their own tongues much sooner than you can call it. It is a badge of honor, one that not many can claim. What do you expect when you take a group of already practiced criminals with no morals? Going back to their roots, whether they be natural or ones that were planted in them, they do not shy away from chaos. Each playing a particular part or role in their schemes, whether that be hands on, mental magicians or just a deep pocket and a source for an alibi. Things are ever changing in their game. They are reckless while practiced and have no respect for others, they aim to take what they want for the keepings.