If the drinks at Lulu’s or the greasy burgers made by Slim’s don’t knock you out, then the deviants of Dead End City eventually will. From dishing punches to ducking and diving, this guide details some best practices and RP etiquette when it comes to combat scenes.

Melee Combat

Hand-to-Hand: You can always count on your body as either the first or last line of defense in combat. Above all, it’s important to know your character’s ability is based on realism. If, for example, they are trained in a certain style of fighting like a martial arts, then it’s probably best you do a little research to help you project that properly in your posts. It also doesn’t mean you should automatically win. The environment, health, mental state, etc are all factors in combat. At the same token, if you’re a simple cashier within the local Deli whose lived a fairly sheltered life, then it’s expected your combat RP is not akin to that of a ninja.

Melee Weapons: This covers a range of weapons from kitchen knives, the discarded lead pipe, and even the kitchen sink if you can get your hands on one. Everyday objects can easily be used in offense and defense within RP; just remember to base its existence on realistic requirements. For example, the lead pipe could be retrieved from a construction site and you should already be carrying it with you in your posts. The key thing to remember is how your character is going to wield it, taking in account it’s weight, size and its possible use. Remember, it’s far easier and effective to stab someone with a knife than it is a spoon! Try to RP your weapons out if they cannot be represented by prims or name them in a titler or ‘character info’ pick, otherwise you will look like a magician when you pull out that pipe out of your…

Blades and knives that exceed 10 inches in length may not be carried or used. This policy regulates the unrealistic use of swords or other long blades being openly used on the streets of Dead End. Like any rule, an exception can be made for a premeditated scene with the approval of an admin.

The Basics

When engaged in melee combat it’s important and essential to follow the basic rules.

  • Role-play – All combat scenes here are role-play based; there are no die, no meters or any other combat based systems.
  • Attacking – All attacks within combat are to be posted as attempts; this mitigates POWERGAMING.
  • Post Order – It’s important that everyone within a combat role-play scene keep to a post order; without it there would be total chaos so it’s important to keep the violence within a strong timeline of narrative format.
  • Taking hits – If you wish to cause damage you should accept some. Even when dodging a swing, you may want to catch a glancing blow to signify you respect the effort being put into the RP.
  • Withdrawing Weapons – If it is not already out, be aware that depending on where it is hidden, how it is hidden and what the weapon is, that you shouldn’t withdraw and strike in the same post. Also, be aware that your first hit will likely be blocked if the movement is seen.
  • Ninjas – In most cases you should not post more than two moves in one post. Choose wisely. They can be two offensive strikes (two hits) or a defensive move (ducking, rolling to the side) and an offensive one in retaliation.


David approached the man with that baseball bat down by his side. “Hey you!” he barked almost immediately to get the man’s attention. “This is my fuckin corner.” It was then that bat was raised in one sweeping swing, aiming for the side of the man’s face with all his weight behind it.

Notice, that hit was an attempt and multiple hits were not made.

Rosco patted the girl’s ass as she left, following her parting smile with a wink of his own. Not a bad day – his girls were turning those tricks out so fast he couldn’t keep up with the flow of money. That roll of recently acquired cash was being counted within his hands until he heard the bark. It was enough to put him on guard and to see the swing of that bat in time to twist his torso, so the hit landed across the top of his shoulder instead of his face. “FUCK…!” he spat as he stumbled to get out of reach, dropping the cash and pulling his knife out to face the attacker.

Notice, the hit was taken, though not where it was aimed and the weapon drawn, but not yet used. This keeps with the realism that the hit had the effect it should have.

Special Thanks to Kruger Barr for being a big part in the making of this guide.

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