There Will Be Blood (Part 2)

There Will Be Blood (Part 2)

[06:14] Dion Lambert (bedlamb.dionysus): (Saved Fri Mar 21 23:33:03 2014) would return several hours later with another tray of food and after. seeing what she had done he would smile at her. sliding the tray into her cell, ‘eat u and I will be back to bring you to a place to cook up what you butchered for me…’ he would stroke her cheek tenderly and lightly press his lips to hers before departing. after filling her the time she needs to eat he would return. bringing with him containers for the butchered meat. collecting it all up, asking her to help him, he would then leash her and take her to the kitchen he had showed her when he brought her below. Once there he would give her the injections once more, again stroking her shaft as he inserted the needles at the base of her shaft where it met with her balls. after the injections he would coach her on how best to prepare the meat she hand carved up for him. the bulk of the corpse left back in her cell so if she had the urge she had something she could fuck.

[06:54] Raven Panthar (rene.sabetha) had been kneeling by the cage bars when Master had returned, feeling pleasure at his smile, she turns and looks at the tray of fresh food and drink her stomach grumbling seeing it. Raven listens to Dion as he tells her to eat and that he would be back to let her out so that she can use the kitchen to cook last nights kill. It all seemed normal, it was her duty to serve him and after all her heart beat faster for him, and as he touched her bloodied face, and kissed her before leaving one of her legs would lift up, in such a feminine reaction to the moment. Eyes closed only to open as he would leave her to eat. Turning on her knees she would then lean down to scarf up her food and drink leaving the bowls clean. The contents of the Gruel, lentil based paste, laced with the drugs which made her mind open to anything and at this point everything, and of course Dion’s special sauce, If Raven had known her master added his semen to it, she likely would of preferred getting it fresh from the source.

[07:07] Raven Panthar (rene.sabetha) helped Master when he returned with packing the limbs in the containers he had brought, it was curious that they would leave the torso behind in the cell, Raven did not ask, as everything has a purpose and Master decisions should never be questioned. As he leashed her to take her out along with the containers, she thought about being handled in such a fashion, like an animal, a pet, something one might find humiliating, yet it was obedient to allow him to lead her to the kitchen. Raven would look on as Master prepared her injections, they way he would with care hold her cock and move the balls to administer the shots in the same place he had done time and time again. She would bite her lip slightly in anticipation of the needle sinking into her groin. Leaning back using her arms to keep her propped up so she can see everything as each of the three injections would go in, and each emptied needle and chamber would be placed by his side.

[07:39] Raven Panthar (rene.sabetha) looks at Dion as he finishes, a look of pleasure on her face, her head is not thinking about how unusual it is to have her penis stroked by another man, no it all seems quite natural in her mindset, the act itself just draws her closer to him, his reasons for doing it may be out of shear control, but for Raven it feels like it maybe more, and fuels her mood that she loves him.

[08:26] Raven Panthar (rene.sabetha) places a apron over her bloodied naked body, it’s a surreal moment to see her put on the white kitchen apparel, the girls blood was already dried to her body, Raven looked like a butcher after a long day in the meat packing plant. Following Dion’s cooking instructions was not difficult, she knew her way around a kitchen, her mother saw to that, and home economics was of course taught at the Academy she attended, culinary skills were a must for any girl that attended. Being out of the cage and actually allowed outside of that room was a pleasure, she felt a bit relaxed and that housewife mode somewhat kicked in, accept instead of handling poultry or beef tenderloin she was handling human flesh. Betty Crocker eat your heart out she thought to herself as she prepared the flesh with the seasonings available to her, Dion must of went shopping or maybe had Ai-Li run out…Raven could not picture Alice running to the market. Fresh garlic and ginger would certainly provide a nice aroma to the flesh, she would use the natural spices and tenderly rub them into the meat. Selecting a tenderizing hammer she would pound meat out, All the nice cuts she was able to cut away from the bone. As the meat marinated leaving nothing unused she started a pot a large pot to boil the remains, to get a good stock going.

[09:07] Raven Panthar (rene.sabetha) she would keep the pot on a medium heat and cover it, she would cut up parsnip, onions, celery, garlic, and but up basil then add it to the pot. Adding whole red potatoes and carrots to the pan with the marinating meat, It was still to soon to place it in the oven, so she would return to her cell, still wearing the bloodied apron, and laugh upon realizing why Master would leave the torso behind. As sick a it was, he wanted her to have a hump toy. Raven would simply prop it up in the corner like a trophy. The skittles were taking full affect only she channeled her Lust in other ways and thoughts, Besides a warm body much better to make love to than a putrid one.

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