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My IC name is Babatunde Kunte. For those that read the paper, I am the black guy that played in Big Brothel recently. I have been around in DE for quite some time, though not very active on this character. I'm going to be more active though as I have taken it upon myself to start a club, the Old Mill Society, located in Dead Drop.

I thought about making a proposal for this Society, but for now I am going to see how it runs as a private enterprise. Members of the group don't have any need to walk around wearing group tags and events will not be public. Which kind of makes it unnecessary to become an official DE group. But that doesn't mean we are not part of the DE universe. Things that happen in the club can and will have effect on characters. But more about that later.

The setup of this organization is only recently worked out and it's a document in development. As time goes by I will smooth it out further and add or scratch things. But for now I think I have come up with something that might very well work. I already put this out there with a few people and there was a consent about how this might very well be something DE needs.

Please read the information below. Feedback is more than welcome. And as will become clear from reading, I am looking for people who want to play in the Society. I am looking for both masters and victims. If you are interested, send me a message inworld.



Information about the Old Mill Society (OOC)

The Old Mill Society is a gentlemen's club. It was founded in 1916 by Sebastian Marius Hardwood. Originally the club counted sixty members, all male and conservative hardliners. The society opposed women's rights and the Suffrage movement and tried to do everything it could to keep women oppressed. The idea of women having voting rights was considered appalling. When women received voting rights in 1919, the nature of the society changed and it became a place where men in privacy could act the way members feel men should act. Where women serve their true purpose for lust and breeding. Over time the society got more secretive and also smaller in size. Of the original sixty member slots only six remain.

When Babatunde Kunte came to Dead End he was invited to become a member of the society. At the time there was only one member left, the old Charles Mason de la Rey. When the old Master died, Baba took it upon himself to revitalize the society. For a year he spent all his money on restoration of the old mill building. Now the time has come to go out and look for new masters to join the society.

The club is members only and private. There is a maximum of six members. Only males can become member. Becoming a member is only possible if one of the other members invites him and he will remain a member for as long as he pays his contribution or until he gets expelled for breaking the rules. Outsiders are only allowed entrance under guidance and by invitation of one of the members.

Females cannot be members and can only be allowed into the club as property or slave. A female must obey at all times and will be appointed a master for the time of her stay, usually the Master that brought her into the House.

The Masters of the Society each have their own specialties and depraved tastes. Not all victims will be open to everything. And not all masters like to share all victims. Some victims can be group property while others are specifically owned by one master. At group events victims can be shared if the victim is OOCly willing. Needless to say that both Masters and victims will be carefully selected.

To the outside world the purpose of the society is the appreciation of art, cigars and good wine. In truth it is a bdsm sex & rape club.

The club has strict rules (IC).
1. Nothing which happens inside the club is spoken off outside the club.
2. The masters must at all times respect each other's properties.
3. The oldest member and group leader has the final say in group matters. He is also president of any tribunal to be held in case of misconduct or disputes.
4. The traditions of the Old Mill and the historical building itself cannot be changed in any way.
5. It is absolutely forbidden for any master to take directions or orders of a female.

OOC rules
If you are oocly not willing to keep the Old Mill running, don't play there. White-knighting or reporting what occurs within The Old Mill is strictly forbidden. Players may not implicate the Old Mill in any crime reports or Daily Articles without direct approval from the group management. Victims, too, should understand that this place can only function if people keep their mouths shut. Any victim that comes to the house, does so with ooc permission, enjoying to play victim. Don't bite the hand that feeds you as "wanting justice" just isn't compatible with the Old Mill.
Masters themselves should also make sure the Old Mill is kept the way it is. Don't betray the group or destroy the fabric it is made of. It serves the need of both doms and submissives in Dead End and should remain intact.
This does not mean that playing in the society won't have effect on your character and the other roleplay you have in DE. It just means we are not going to be part of the vengeance cycle. In order to avoid that we can offer victims IC reasons to keep quiet about what went on in the club.

It is also important to keep in mind that OOC limits and OOC permissions must be respected at all times. A slave can only be used by different masters if she allows that. And her limits must be respected at all times. If a slave feels she is mistreated or ignored OOCly she can appeal for help with the group staff or group owner Babatunde Kunte (Tergen Sadofsky).
The Old Mill is not a democracy. IC the masters can decide something together and treat each other as equals, OOC the group is owned by Babatunde Kunte and he decides ultimately what happens or not. Which also means that he is the guardian of the wellbeing of all those that play in the club and drama will be dealt with swiftly.

Yes this group is all about oppression of women. No, racial issues play no role. Babatunde being black is not an issue. And no, we don't OOCly promote rape, oppression and abuse of women. Let that be clear.

The purpose of having rental boxes.
The Old Mill is just the building and is rented. There is no furniture inside until a member rezzes something. Each member has the ability to create the environment he wants inside the house. This is both out of respect for each Master but also to avoid consumption behavior. The society is what the members make of it. To make sure each member is serious in his contributions, he can only be a member for as long as he pays his rental box. If he stops paying he is ejected from the group and his items are returned. Paying the rent also helps in paying for the old mill and the land it is situated on. Slaves are not obliged to pay rent, but are free to make donations.

Rent: 450 L$ a week for 75 prims.
Donations: anything will be appreciated.

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