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STATE OF Michigan V. Nikolai Brehzlova


I, (Nikolai Brehzlova), the defendant in this Criminal Action, do hereby withdraw my previous entered pleas of not guilty and enter plea of:

Guilty by reasons of Insanity

COUNT I: Assault with a deadly weapon
COUNT II: Aggravated Sexual Assault
COUNT III: Attempted Murder

I understand that if the Court accepts the plea as indicated above, I give up my right to trial by jury, at which I would have the following rights: (a) The right to have a jury determine my guilt or innocence; (b) The right to see and hear witnesses testify and to have my lawyer question them for me; (c) The right to subpoena witnesses in my behalf and present items of evidence in my defense; (d) The right to testify or remain silent; (e) The right to have the prosecution prove my guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, before I can be found guilty.

I understand that I give up my right to appeal all matters except the legality of this sentence, the jurisdiction of this Court, and those matters which I have specifically reserved for appeal. I have reserved the following matters for appeal: N/A
My attorney has explained to me what an appeal is and how I can properly file for an appeal should I choose to do so. He has advised me that if I cannot afford an attorney one will be appointed for me by the court.

I have read the information in this case, or have had it read to me, and I understand the charge to which I enter my plea. My lawyer has explained to me the maximum penalty for the charge, the essential elements of the crime, and possible defenses to the crime, and I understand these things.

I understand my sentence will be imposed within the sentencing guidelines. My presumptive sentence is based upon certain factors which have been explained to me. Terms of the Plea with sentencing are requested to be:
• No less than 5 years in the state prison asylum
• Bank accounts to be frozen with the exception that restitution is paid on time
• 1 years probation if found sane and allowed release

No one has threatened me to make me enter the plea. I am entering the plea because:

(x) I am guilty

I enter the plea voluntarily of my own free will.

SWORN TO, SIGNED, AND FILED in open Court in the presence of Defense Counsel, the State, and Judge____ Theodore VanHorn____on this___5th_____day of__Oct____year 2016

_________Pagan Newport-Yheng_______Oct 5th, 2016.
Prosecuting Attorney

________(Nikolai Brehzlova)______________
Nikolai Brehzlova


_______(Nikki Salt)____________
Defense Attorney

October 24, 2016 at 6:17 pm
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Syreni Barony


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