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Mordred Leodhais


For as long as Dead End has been on Second Life, there has been chaos and debauchery, but the legal system has taken a major dive over the years.

I believe that a few changes could save the District Court RP and bring about exciting new role play and give those of us within the judicial system a reason to stay.

As Dead End has always prided itself on realism, this proposal will mimic real life police and legal processes.

The proposal is as follows:

Part 1

1.) In the event of an arrest in Dead End, all clients who hire a lawyer from either law office may request immediate bail with the usual terms of parole set by the Dead End Police Department and released.

* Criminal cannot violate the terms of their parole for seven days from the time of arrest or will be incarcerated and their court hearing canceled.

2.) The Bail Bonds Business may be used in the event of needing bail money if the criminal cannot afford it.

3.) A court date will be scheduled at the point of release to determine if the criminal must face the mandatory three day jail time, community service or is let go without further consequences.

4.) All who are found guilty and sentenced to jail time have exactly seven RL Days to turn themselves into police custody to serve out their time.

5.) Court hearings will be set on the same day as a two to three hour long event either monthly, or every other month.

6.) Criminals will have the chance to dispute their case and the DA will also be given a chance to provide evidence to the contrary.

7.) At the court hearing, the arresting officer, DA or ADA, acting defense attorney and the judge must be present. Witnesses are welcome if asked by the criminal.

8.) The judge will deliberate with both the DA/ADA and acting defense attorney to determine a fair or unfair punishment.

9.) In the event that either party cannot be present, they may either send a representative on their behalf or their court hearing may be rescheduled for a different day.

Part 2

To make part one successful it is necessary to bring in more Parole Officers and Therapists/Psychiatrists into the system, producing a cohesive unit that works together during Due Process.

To make a court hearing go successfully, it requires a few crucial things. Evidence, witnesses, psychiatric statement, officer statement, prosecution, attorneys and conviction and/or acquittal.

Those who are lacking in RP and/or would like to become a PO Officer or Hospital/Asylum staff can inquire with the appropriate people. There is an application to join the DEPD on the wall just inside of the police department entrance.

Shade Manx - DEPD Captain

Roxy Smythe (roxysmythe.resident)

Roisin Fitzgerald (chanda.feiri) - DEMH Board Member, Asylum Lead Psychiatrist.

Part 3

As Dead End continues to evolve and there are new people pouring in every day, there are many things that can be done to create more exciting role play and take out the trash in a manner of speaking.

Below are a few suggestions:

1.) Demolish dead landmarks and put the plots up for sale so members can purchase and create a new business and/or build a home.
* These dead landmarks are a pointless waste of space. The spaces can be utilized more efficiently by allowing players to buy the plots and create new businesses that will bring in more RP and Lindens to keep the sim running.

2.) There is no current mayor within Dead End and having a sim wide event such as a rigged campaign would bring some attention and get the citizens involved. One other member in DE will have the opportunity to participate as a prospective candidate but oocly the results will already be set, leaving Bob as the winner and he will run Dead End like the corrupt bastard he is. And this can be an annual event and if a more corrupt NPC emerges, he or she may be considered during the next election.

3.) Continue with monthly combat and RP classes for new and old members to learn the benefits of correct combat and RP etiquette.
* All members can benefit from learning how to conduct combat and RP properly to avoid arguments and ooc drama.

4.) Use Mela's idea for a twelve step program in the shelter for those who wish to participate in the ideas she has in mind for the idea.

(I want to point out that the proposal above is merely a suggestion for all members in DE and there is no requirement to participate. I merely would like tons of comments and opinions on if and how we can make all of this work. Thanks!)

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