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Fresh off the plane from Hathian for whatever reason, because she bought a cinema for some strange reason, feeling drawn to it. She saw it on a visit to the town while part of HPD as she was doing a follow up to a case, and fell in love. She had to have it, HAD to! So after Bean blew it up, she scooped it up for dirt cheap.

IC Riley is literally a switch waiting to be flipped. She's either kind and friendly and very caring, which is most of the time, or if you hurt someone she cares for, an absolute bitch that wants nothing more than to torture you for hours on end just for fun. It's not bi-polar, it's simply how she is. Fiercely protective of those she loves and cares for, hurting a friend of hers...well...let's just say the last guy that threatened her adopted daughters life ended up with a massive anatomic re-arrangement giving new meaning to the term "Dick head".

During her time in HPD she amassed a large wealth of money from jacking up bail money ((Hey people in cd could wipe with $100 bills it seems like)), and various citations, and has used it for a full payment on the theater and it's reconstruction. She is also DEPD, and being far from her home, can get away with much, much more...

OOC info, Riley (and me) love musicals, especially Phantom and Les Mis (Ive seen Phantom 30 times, Riley has seen it 5), she can (IC) sing pretty good, but refuses to seek fame for it, and plays the piano expertly, and has a degree in business management and accounting. The red hair is very much natural and changes depending the season. opposite of the norm, it gets dark in the summer and light in the winter.

April 3, 2017 at 10:00 pm
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April 10, 2017 at 4:04 pm
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