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Razial Nightfire


Hi i'm Razial but call me raz or pain in the ass either or <chuckles> I'm a former DE rper but had to stop around 2012 due to my computer being unable to handle the lag of the sim. luckily I got something newer and more powerful.

So with this return i decided to start all over with a new concept character thou under the same name as my avatar.. i'm just a wee bit lazy. I will say that my rl can be hectic at times being a single father so if i suddenly have to take off please don't take offense. Anyways here is the new IC Raz.

Razial hasn't had a very easy or pleasant past. At the age of 5 he watched both of his parents brutally murdered by a serial killer. From that
point on he had bounced from one foster home to another. By the time he was a teen he spent more time on the streets then he did with a roof
over his head. He also learned how to survive on his own by any means necessary. The only bit of luck he had was a few individuals over the years
that took an interest in him. An old marine drill Sargent who taught him how to fight and many other skills that one learn if one was in the military.
Then there was the local garage owner who taught Razial how to build and use his hands not just as a mechanic but also carpentry and other DYI type projects and skills. Finally he had one teacher also took interest and made sure he passed high school and got a scholarship to college in computer technology.
By the age of 25 he had a masters in computer technology. Shortly after graduating college he was contacted by a law firm. Apparently his parents
had a trust fund set up. And due to many screw ups it took the law firm up to this point to find him. Using the money from the trust fund Razial
started an online software business and in course of 2 years it had become a major success. Razial had enough money that he could live the rest
of his days out doing what ever he pleased. After a very nasty break up with his fiance at the time he moved to dead end to start over.

Razial often experiences flash backs of his parents murder and some-other bad points in his life. Which results in essentially for the time being
a self manageable case of PTSD for the most part. He also has issues with trust and has no issues physically defending himself... or others if he in the mood.
He is extremely streetwise and for the most part keeps to him self typical on his lap top unless something around him demands his attention
or causes him to take interest. He definitely has a dark side that has yet to emerge.

July 24, 2016 at 12:44 pm
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Nuku Nemeth


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July 25, 2016 at 10:29 am
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