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Come on down to the RLD and play a game of Greedy. The game begins at 2PM SLT on Saturday January 10th, 2015 and continues until there is a winner. Winner receives their pick of any (but just one) of the losers for a period of three hours (or longer if negotiated with their chosen prize). The winner may use their prize in any way that does not violate local law or personal limits. The game is hosted by and will take place inside the Dark Rose Detective Agency which is next to the beach access path and across the street from Dick's Motel. Come on down, enjoy a game,and if you are lucky enough to win, enjoy a loser. For those not familiar with the game, please see the rules below.

* Zilch Instructions *(GREEDY)

Zilch is a game for 2 to 12 players, and is a variation on the real life dice games Zilch and Greedy.

To join the game, touch the table to sit and you'll be positioned at a vacant seat. Your camera will be automatically aligned with the table - if you cam away you can return to the table view by pressing your Esc key. You can touch any vacant stool before the game starts to move directly to it.

When two or more players have joined, the game can be started by touching the Start legend on the table. After a game has started nobody else can join until the next one. If you stand while a game is in progress your turn will be passed until you sit again, but if all players stand the game will end.

You can customise your experience by touching the player icon or your stool to open the Player Menu. From here choose Pose to change your pose, Camera to change your camera view or Bell to change or disable the sound that indicates when it's your turn. You can also choose Leave Game to resign from the current game.

* Basic Rules *

The aim of Zilch is to accumulate points by rolling six dice, scoring each roll according to the method shown below, and to score more points than your opponents. A minimum of 500 points must be accumulated in one turn for a player to start scoring. On following turns all scores are counted, but three Zilchs (zero point turns) in a row will cause the score to reset to zero.

When a player reaches 10,000 points the final round begins, during which every other player can take one more turn. After that the player with the highest score is the winner.

* How To Play *

Your turn is indicated by a bell sounding and a cup of tea moving to your position. Caution - the tea is hot! Touch the Roll button to roll the dice then select at least one valid scoring pattern by touching each required dice. Selected dice will turn green. Once you have a valid selection the points value will be shown on the table and you can touch either Roll to re-roll the other (non selected) dice, or Stop to end your turn and bank any points earned. If you make an invalid selection the game will warn you and deselect the offending dice.

On re-rolls, only the newly rolled dice can be selected for further scoring. Dice selected from earlier rolls appear blue and take no further part in the turn, except when all six dice have been selected at which time all six may be re-rolled. The turn finishes either when Stopping or rolling a Zilch (zero points). In the case of a Zilch, all points for that turn are forfeit.

* Scoring *

Rolls are scored as follows. Only dice for the current roll are counted - dice from rolls earlier in the turn are shown in blue and do not count toward score combinations.

1 = 100 points

5 = 50 points

Straight = 3000 points (all values 1 to 6 in any order)

3 pairs = 1000 points (two each of any three different values)

3 x 1 = 1000 points

3 of a kind = 100 times dice value (except 3 x 1)

4 of a kind = Twice 3 of a kind

5 of a kind = Twice 4 of a kind

6 of a kind = Twice 5 of a kind

6 non-scoring dice = 500 points

Zilch (none of above) = 0 points

For example:

1 1 4 4 4 5 = 100 + 100 + 400 + 50 = 650 points
1 1 2 2 3 3 = 1000 points
3 3 3 3 4 5 = 2 x 300 = 600 points
2 2 3 4 4 6 = 500 points

January 8, 2015 at 6:49 pm
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