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We're getting closer to the new year and we have some exciting changes ahead..


To everyone who has been showing up to Events lately. You don't know how much it is appreciated to a Lead to have people actually show up...

To those participating in the 12 Days of Christmas mini plot! We're about half way through and the fun continues.


DEPD & Criminal Interaction
We are going to work on a new process for this, to bring you all more interaction. While our police force may be short staffed, that does not mean our RP needs to suffer! Tarra is one person, and unfortunately cannot be on to entertain all of us heathens all day long though we would love that.

We are going to introduce bounty hunting.

You might just be hired by our very own District Attorney and our DEPD Captain to be a bounty hunter. If you are recruited IC, there will be an updated list of outstanding warrants and bounties, that you can act upon for payment after the arrest.

Once that happens, the report will be filed by a Tarra or another DEPD member.

Part 2 of this is we understand that sitting in a cell with no RP isn't fun. So we are going to work on alternatives for that as well.

If no cops are online and you get arrested by a bounty hunter/want to get arrested, IM either Peni, Andi/Priscilla, or Pagan. They will file your report and sentence you to some type of punishment, whether that be jail time, work force, community service or other. The idea here is to give us options that introduce more RP other than sitting in a cell, or, not getting to play out the criminal aspect at all.

Only people who are approached IC to do so are going to be bounty hunting and bounty hunters are NOT cops. They are just criminals like you who will be sent to potentially arrest you.

The point of this is not about giving anyone else any more power, it's so we can all help each other get RP flow moving again, more crime, more cops, more for everyone! If you have any questions let us know, but details will follow if you encounter this in RP.

Don't forget we have new Story Weavers! Bring them your plot ideas.

Current plots: 12 Days of Christmas Mini Plot - find all the details in the Dead End Daily
Upcoming plots: THE GAUNTLET - this will be a gang/crime oriented plot.. stay tuned..

Current story weavers: Jess Corven, Dee, Lily Martiel and Bexley Kozel


Leads should continue to post one event per month as they can. However keep in mind if you're online and things are quiet you can throw an impromptu event! Events do not need to be huge.. just throw a radio announcement in the chat and give people a focal point or area to RP any time you feel like it. They will come!

If you are struggling to come up with event ideas please reach out so we can help.

If you're not a lead and you have an idea for an event let us know so we can make it happen!

Don't forget to check the calendar for events and please support events as you can. There are a couple of really big events coming up in the next few weeks so take a look.


DE Daily - Anyone can write for the daily! Keep in mind this is a player run newspaper and you control the content that gets submitted. Your character does not need to be a reporter to submit an article. Visit the Daily office and click the portal. You can also submit your article to me and I will post it. Advertise your events, your plots, storylines, crimes.. whatever it may be. Get your content out there and lets get it active again!

Some fun ideas people may want to consider taking up: A gossip column, an advice column, covering crimes or business events, so on and so forth!

Staff - We have lots of active staff that can help you with your issues! Check to see who is the correct person to IM in the event an admin is not on.. lots of people can point you in the right direction.

Leads - it's the holiday season! Friendly reminder that you are allowed 10 prims to decorate your business with holiday decor. Please make sure it looks pretty... no bling/heavy scripts from SL circa 2006 or whatever. If you don't have any decor let me know, I'll rez some out for you ?


If you have any suggestions or feedback on specific items such as builds or just anything sim related at all.. get with an admin or post it on the forums in the feedback section.. keep in mind it needs to be reasonable


Pawn Shop (Themed Rental)
Salon (Themed Rental)
The Cinema
DE Daily

We have a few shops open for you to create your own business as well!

Dominique ('Nique) (sugarcanelollipop resident) - Dicks Half Way Inn

Please check out their business and engage them in RP!


While all of our businesses are open for staff we are very much in need of active DEPD, DEFD, DEMH and DE Daily writers! Poke the proper person or an admin in world for more help.


Just for fun..
My challenge of the month to you is to have your character do one thing in RP that might be considered mundane. You know those small day to day things that we never RP? Going to the grocery store, going for a run, walking the dog, calling your mom, using the bathroom.. hell I don't know. Just see what it can make happen!

December 12, 2017 at 9:58 pm
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