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Battle dogs and Animal factions!

Due to the rise in animal roleplay DE is proud to announce the new rules and exciting stories tailored to the Animal community. We will be starting a Battle dog program to allow dogs a moral compass, where members of the public train dogs for things such as attacking, robbing and evading the cops. Horses will also be allowed around Dead drop to give it more a 'wild' theme. To prepare the sim for these changes we will be removing the central square of Dead end, taking out Lulus and the cinema and replacing them with a new 'Animal park' for animal role players to centralize themselves in.

New animal types are to be approved, an animal faction of Dead Ends most notorious critters is to be formed and rules are to hauled over. Due to Experimentation in Area 51 a new gene has allowed talking animals to come about. This allow animal roleplay to become more social and integrated with Dead End!

New animals shall be:

More information shall be released over the next few days!

Happy April the First

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