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DATE: 04/11/11


GROUP NAME: The Ling-Chi

FORUM ID:Ming Yheng

MEMBERS: blesseddecay resident, bara rikios, morphy123 allen, elizzabeth mapholisto

BACKSTORY: Ling-Chi: The Death of a Thousand Cuts The Ling-Chi consists of (IC of course, at least ..that is what we hope) pure psychos with a really twisted mind. The Ling-Chi followers are cultists, their life is torturing people in ways you probably didn't know existed. We are -not- knife-wielding Rambos, we always operate in silence, from the shadows. Once done with our necessary evil we hide back in the shadows again, waiting for the next opportunity to strike. And we do strike, we have a mission, and that mission is cleansing this world from all the slutty dressed girls before it is too late and this world will fall into oblivion. We are followers of The Great Old Ones, we worship them, we despise the common people, the bargirls, the impure, the cursed.....we will make them understand they are ..wrong. The foundation of the Ling-Chi cult: The Great Old Ones are ancient (they existed already eons before the planet Earth was born) extraterrestrial beings of immense power, and most are also colossal in size. These entities seem to have a physical shape, but being cosmic lifeforms from beyond our space-time continuum means they are not based on matter in our definition of the concept, yet their forms are built on principles similar enough to those of true matter that they appear to be material in their nature. They are worshipped by deranged human cults, like The Ling-Chi, as well as by most of the non-human races of the mythos. The Great Old Ones are currently imprisoned—a few beneath the sea, some inside the Earth, and still others in distant planetary systems and beyond. The reason for their captivity is not known. The Ling-Chi leaders are devout servants of Cthulhu, Cthulhu is the high priest to the Great Old Ones. Cthulhu lived ages before there were any men, and who came to the young world out of the sky. Cthulhu is depicted as : A pulpy, tentacled head surmounted, a scaly, rubbery-looking body, flabby claws on hind and fore feet, and long, narrow wings behind. The phrase (as written by one of the few blessed who actually have seen Cthulhu) "a mountain walked or stumbled" gives a sense of the creature's scale. Cthulhu is depicted as having a worldwide doomsday cult centered in Arabia, with followers in regions as far-flung as Greenland and Louisiana. There are leaders of the cult "in the mountains of China" who are said to be immortal. The Ling-Chi is one of those cultleader's groups, spreading it's horror and cruelty amongst the people. As said, we are not a knife wielding, bar-fight loving gang, we are an undergound cult, we do not speak of it in public, we will not give anyone the opportunity to point a finger and say "There is one of The Ling-Chi !", we just don't exist to the world of the common people, we are chosen and we -will- follow our great leader and obey him. Anyone wanting to join The Ling-Chi will go through some (IC) tests, as required by The Ancient Ones, those tests will only be revealed to the initiate, who is called Fãdòng , at the time of the tests. Should the initiate fail for any of those tests, he/she will be sacrificed to Cthulhu. The Fãdòng who has passed the tests will be promoted to Yiyuán, a full member of the Ling-Chi. All Fãdòng and Yiyuán will respect the Ling-Chi's leaders, Ming Yheng and Jane Harrison, her partner. Disrespect or any mutiny attempt will be punished by immediate expellation and a curse inflicted upon the offender which will haunt him or her for the rest of his/her pityful life. All Ling-Chi members are to follow these guidelines at all times ( This does not apply to the Leaders): You do not harm any commoner who is dressed decently, unless given case-by-case approval by one of the two leaders. You will not speak in public about the Ling-Chi, you will not speak about or mention the name Ling-Chi to anyone outside the cult. You will follow the orders of the leaders without questioning them. Carrying any other weapon besides a knife to defend yourself is not allowed. You will not abduct, torture or rape any member of the Ling-Chi, breaking this rule will result in immediate expellation from the Ling-Chi.This rule does not apply to nú's. Anyone who opposes the Ling-Chi actively must be eliminated. A fãdòng is not allowed to have personal servants or training subjects (in the Ling-Chi they are referred as Nú) within the Ling-Chi. All other Ling-Chi members are allowed to have one or more nú's. Roles and titles in the Ling-Chi: Nú ......................................... A servant of one of the members as mentioned above. The nú has no value and may be used as a torture training object or servant. Fãdòng..................................The lowest level in the hierarchy of The Ling-Chi. The Fãdòng must prove their dedication and loyalty to The Ling-Chi before they are fully accepted into this secret organization. Yiyuán...................................Full members of the Ling-Chi, who have completed the appropriate trials and tests to prove their loyalty to The Ling-Chi. Guãnyuán.............................An officer of the Ling-Chi, assigned to take care of matters as recruiting and solving internal issues within the Ling-Chi (not available yet) Lîngxiù...................................The Leader of the Ling-Chi cult. Li-Ching waitress...............waitress working in the Li-Ching teahouse, in this fucnction they are not a member of the Ling-Chi yet, a Li-Ching waitress will be tested if she is reliable enough to become a Fãdòng Tags will not show the role of a Lin-Chi member, only : The Ling-Chi. Li-Ching waitress wear a tag with "Li-Ching waitress"

UNIQUE: We have our base here, disguised as a Chinese shop where ancient books, herbal 'medicines' and other rarities are sold. Above that shop is the Ling-Chi's office and preparation room which is only known by the common people as an acupuncture clinic and the workplace of the 'pain therapists' Jane Harrison and Ming Yheng. We do business however, and it mostly consists of preparing girls for the submissive role they are going to perform for the clients who need them to be trained by people with the needed expertise. Besides that we do what we are expected to do, cleanse the world of this unspeakable horror called 'slutty women'. We guide them towards the light by letting them feel true pain through severe torture and psychological confusion, only this will save this planet and hopefully diminishes the wrath of Cthulhu The Ancient. And Deadend City is the place where sluts can be encountered regularly.

EXP:RL management skills (for running and administering the group). Years of roleplay experience ( 3 years in DE ). Social skills and perseverance

IDEAS:The rp-style of the cult caters for many things DE is known for....kidnap, bdsm, torture, etc. The teahouse has grown into a central point in DE, more and more people are coming there in search for RP, most of the day there is at least someone of The Ling-Chi present. Besides that, we have already established and are establishing roleplay storylines with several places and players in DE, Lulu's, The Pawn Shop, etc. It is our goal to have connections and rp scenes with each faction/business in DE as The Ling-Chi is playing a neutral role. We are only interested in reaching our goal ( which will take eons, btw 🙂 by ICly 'using every means and opportunity available' to roleplay our story.

OTHER:DE needs a mysterious, underground cult of which people speak of but not having any proof of it's existence. The Ling-Chi is already accepted and is booming. The Ling-Chi belongs in DE.

Community: Please provide general feedback on this proposal, including comments, suggestions for improvement, advice based on your experience, or simply to show support if you like this proposal.

Proposal Author: Please use this thread and respond w/ any revisions to your proposal that you'd like to make based on community feedback you see here (highly recommended). Depending on community and staff review, this proposal may or may not proceed to trial stage.

April 11, 2011 at 10:36 pm
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