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By lyndszi resident



BACKGROUND: I would really like to focus on the Bondage/BDSM/Fetish nature of the bar. I think I could incorporate this by having regular drink/service specials such as Masochist Mondays, Whip me Wednesdays, Fetish Fridays, Sadist Saturdays, etc. I would also focus the drink/food menu with fetish and bondage names. I think making anyone feel included starts with simply role playing with them. Introducing them to others in the city, building relationships, helping them create story-lines, and really including them in the business decisions. Lastly, I think my character would fit in as I spent a good part of my RP last year as the manager of Lulus. In Character Lindsay took a small hiatus but is back looking to return things to normal. This would be her normal.

UNIQUE: This is a hard question because I kind of already think Lulus does stand out. It's a central location in the city and not very intimidating for someone to easily walk in off the street for a drink. What I think I can do for it is keep consistent RP happening and to try and always have a body there to keep stories flowing.

EXPERIENCE:As I mentioned before I was previously a Manager of Lulus last year. Before that I was Boss of the Hedonist and before that on other characters I have been sim admin, managers, etc. I have also been rping in some form or another for almost 10 years (This is not a kink admission) but I do write on forums and other websites as well to get my RP fix!

IDEAS:I think just including them in RP is the most important. Giving newbies confidence to find their own stories is only going to better the sim. If I can help them make a connection or give them ideas on how to grow as a character I will!

OTHER:I dont have an exact event in mind. I suppose it depends if I get approved and if anything else is going on. I would like to do some sort of costume thing but that is just so I can have an excuse to wear something cute. Likely a car wash or a city wide mixer would be more along the lines of what would happen.

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