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<b>Kink Ink</b>
By alyst resident



BACKGROUND: It's a tattoo shop in Red Light.. it should run as it is, a tattoo shop by business, and offering a hangout to those in the area, tattooists and just other random people, anyone who might 'enjoy' watching others willingly go through pain for the sake of a tattoo or body modification... or just want to hang out down there.

UNIQUE: The Red Light District still seems to be.. untapped to me... not a lot goes on down there save for The Dark Room, and the recent boat incidents. Any shady kind of business could be dealing with The Dark Room and Uncle Bob for any nefarious ideas he might have, as well as gangs and people of that nature. Forced ink, piercings or body modifications to victims or unsuspecting drunks or druggies. It's in a good location, away from the 'main' drag of city for branding and marking of territory for gangs. Discounts could be offered to them for repeat service as well as the fully open and legal side of it, not to mention potentially catering to the hangout aspect. It doesn't always have to be a tattooing RP scene.

EXPERIENCE:I've been in Dead End on this cycle around five months now or so. I've played in both Dead End and Crack Den extensively in the past as alts, not to mention owning and managing several clubs here in SL once I got away from RP.. for some reason. I do have a decent amount of knowledge about tattoos and piercings from RL experience, make it... more realistic in a sense, and it's more fun to RP when you have an inkling of what you're talking about.

IDEAS:Training would be offered as well as apprenticeships for those who want to learn, but haven't actually RP'd giving ink, but they wouldn't be required. I wouldn't ask Nadir to change the group tags, since the apprenticeship isn't mandatory and it wouldn't be fair to start everyone on that page. Promotion would fall upon the artists themselves, as well as myself. A good way to start a scene is by ICly passing out flyers, business cards, coupons... it gets RP motivated and going. Ads in the paper could be taken out for promotional deals. Partnering up with a business or two for the legitimate business side. I was even thinking event wise... tattoo competition... get willing souls to sit down and be a 'canvas' for a tattoo competition, something to get RP going and people into the Red Light District.

OTHER:For a grand reopening... an all out party. I could partner up with Easy Eight's to provide drinks, Pizza Slut or the Diner for food, to incorporate more businesses into it, get on a friendly level with some of the other business owners. Heavily discounted tattoos and piercings, coupons for those in attendance for further discounts in the future.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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